Zelda Producer Looking to Move Past Tradition

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That's all very well and good, but I think some things need to remain consistent otherwise you might as well be creating a new IP.

That was my thought. When he started talking about how he wanted to make the kind of changes where it wouldn't even matter if Link or Zelda were even in the game, I was thinking "so you're making a new IP and shoehorning the Zelda name in, then?" Hopefully it won't be that bad, but that's always the fear when you see studios talking about "shaking up" a franchise, in any medium[1].

Yes, I'm thinking there has to be at least 3 things that need to be involved for it to be a Zelda game a) Link and Zelda (or, at the very least, Link) b) Sword and Shield c) Overworld and dungeons. Without those you might as well call it the Adventures of Captain Killsalot and release it as a new IP.

It's sad that I've come to dread the latest instalments of a franchise instead of getting excited about them and mostly for this reason.

[1] Coughstartrek09coughBSG04cough

I'm all for change but is removing Link and Zelda really a good idea? It would just be kind of a spinoff instead of a Zelda game.

I wouldn't mind a game that took a broader (or narrower?) take on hyrule. Call it -- Legend of Hyrule, I dunno. A story set in the world, with the legend(s) of zelda (and link!) a living, breathing part, but a focus on other heroes, in other ways. Like in Ocarina I was always curious about the trials the sages went through. Or Shiek, or. . .gee, anything. You can have a grand adventure without needing to save the world. And I always want a deeper world/region story, too.

Plus link's costume needs some major overhauling/update. Soooo stuck in the 80s. And green? I'm so over the green. ;)

Really though, I've no problem trying something new. Even if it flops, I'd rather try something new than feel like it's gotten stuck somewhere and is all sad. (I always enjoy something about zelda games though, so I'm pretty easy to please I guess)

It'd be great if we got a new Zelda game where we actually play as Zelda. I understand two exist, but c'mon... give Zelda an adventure that's every bit as epic as recent Zelda games. If Nintendo wants to move past the tradition without a huge culture shock to their fans, this would be a good way to start the transition.

This would be really interesting. They wouldn't even have to get rid of Link, he could be present in the background like Sheik was in OoT. What was Zelda doing during those intervening years? Training in combat? Constantly running from Ganondorf, going place to place, waiting for the day she would be old enough to fight back? There are a lot of interesting implications.

I would love to see a Zelda game that took a completely new spin on the classic formula, instead of a Zelda game that threw out the formula entirely. There's a lot of room to explore if they choose to get creative enough. Oracle of Time, Oracle of Seasons, and most importantly Majoras Mask showed us that.

On the one hand, Zelda could use more refreshing changes. Skyward Sword took some great steps forward in my opinion with a improved Wii controls, tactical mechanics on the shield, and so on.

On the other hand, Other M was trying to do away with some of the tradition of its predecessors, too, and look how that worked out.

So I guess my stance is "fine, provided you make sure that it's not TOO far from what most folks recognize as a "Zelda" game.

It helps if you don't hand your best IP's over to a company primarily known for jiggle physics and softcore pornography. Metroid Prime was also experimental, and it's considered one of the best Metroid games of all time, and one of the best Game Cube games.

Oh, how about this. If you want to do something different. If you're tired of tradition, and want something that doesn't look/feel like Zelda, but has a similar-ish concept how about just making a whole new game line?

Seriously, just scrap the Zelda altogether for now and start something brand spanking new.

The lady bit has been done as well, like Metroid and Princess Peach.

How about just not making a Zelda game?

Seriously, how many repetitious/rebooted/re-continued/traditional-ish games do we need? If you love Zelda, awesome, but let's start a whole new line-up that's searching for it's own start to tradition. Come on Nintendo, boot up some new nostalgia for later down the line.

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