Xbox One Won't Allow Real-Name Gamertags at Launch

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Yeah, definitely not, I don't even use my real name on youtube, i'd rather not be putting my full name out there that publically as I have an uncommon last name and would rather avoid the harassment.

Umm guys, Sony are also doing the whole real names for online profiles thing.

since when!?

Google PS4 real name.

From the sound of things, neither Sony nor MS are going to force real names to be used, but they're both intending to strongly encourage it (presumably in a similar manner to how youtube strongly encourages use of real names I'd suspect). Either way, unless you were extremely keen for real names for online IDs, it's ridiculous to attempt to try to spin this as being a positive for Sony or a negative for Microsoft.

I hope this option only comes up once during account creation. I enjoy coming up with aliases and nothing is more annoying than a company (like google on youtube) repeatedly going "Hey, that's a cool name you created for yourself there, but you know what name would be even cooler to give to random strangers? Your real name."

Also, why this sudden push for people to use their real names as their gamertags? I mean, Xbox LIVE (and I assume PSN too) has a bio page for your account that everyone can see, so if your wanted to give out your real name to complete strangers you can.

I wouldn't use my real name on any internet service beyond the bare minimum of details on social networks. There needs to be an abstraction layer between the real and virtual to prevent Internet randoms finding out who or where the rest of us are.

If forced to offer a "real" name, I'd register as Mickey Mouse or Rodriguez Sanchez. Maybe Roderigo, that's a great name!

Is it me, or is Microsoft picking out the events that garnered the most hate, ever, in the past ten years and saying "There! We want to do all of that. All at once. For science."?

I would actually, kind-of, respect them if they were just being massive trolls.

Why is this news? Why care? What does this change? From what I understand it would be an option, and therefore, people still have the option don't they? If for some reason you want you can still use your real name as your gamertag, and if you don't want to use your real name, you don't have to now, and you seemingly don't have to when the option is available. I don't get it, RoosterTeeth reported on this as well, what's next a news release that the XBOX ONE will continue to be spelled ONE and not 1 ?

If only they would stop trying to make the Internet like real life, its just not the same and it never will be, stop trying please.

(captcha "better next time", I doubt it captcha, this is microsoft we're talking about)

I think it would be funnier for them to require putting in your real name as part of your profile. Sure, there will be dissenters, but let's see if people will still act like fuckwads when they can't be as anonymous as they were before.

I'd rather not have death threats mailed to my home after I whoop some kid's ass in COD or something. And it has happened, for less even.

If this was an optional thing and youth profiles did not allow it, I might be ok with it. But I'm still trying to figure out why MS is emulating facebook so much. My friends list has a play by play feed in it? Why? I don't give a fuck if one of my friends put in a game or started an app if they are not doing it right now, and the current system tells me that information just fine.

Also, I'm rather attached to my gamertag.

The source link is broken. If I click on it I get a 404 on the Escapist.
Here's the actual source link

On topic: I can't really see a reason why they would want to enforce Real ID. Remember how well that went down on the fora for Blizzard? A moderator on stated that having your name on the internet is no big deal, and to demonstrate he put his own name in a post. I believe he was getting personal phonecalls and faxes within a few hours.

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