Ryse: Son of Rome Trailer Offers "As Much Blood As You Can Handle"

Ryse: Son of Rome Trailer Offers "As Much Blood As You Can Handle"

Ryse has everything a good Roman story needs: revenge, political intrigue, and those plumed helmets.

A lot of things have been said about Ryse: Son of Rome. We liked what we saw at Tokyo Game Show last month, but concerns over Crytek's "mash to mastery" design mantra have left many player uncertain about the game. One thing we haven't heard a whole lot about, however, is the game's story.

A new trailer for Ryse provides a broad overview of the Roman epic's story beats. Players control Marius Titus, a Roman centurion whose family has been murdered by barbarians, prompting a revenge-fueled campaign to stamp out the roving hoards threatening the empire. Political corruption within a Roman government described as "reeling in chaos" will also play a role somehow.

Ryse: Son of Rome will launch alongside the Xbox One November 22.

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I demand Khorne level of blood, all of it.

I'd be more open to the game if it didn't have all those QTEs while fighting common enemies.

Oh dear lord, I made to 0:23 with the scream before I started laughing.

This is so generic storyline mixed together with YELLING BUFF WHITE HERO DUDES and a... loose grasp on history.

Seriously, 'we've gone through and researched everything' followed directly by showing all the Legionaries at least 4 inches taller than barbarians. I'm pretty sure they tried to work in the Spartacus revolt in... 68AD?

But, you know, the massive civil war in Rome right after Nero died (when the game is set) would have been LAAAAAAAME, let's go stab people different from us.

This looks so silly.
Which is why I will most likely enjoy this.

It looks like a romp, count me in.


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