Total War: Rome 2 Gets New Faction, Steam Workshop Support

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Modding support? Not to sound negative but I am thinking they are just going to let the unpaid modding community do the patching for them in the form of 'bug-fixing mods'. I hope I am wrong here or this will just be another way publishers and developers exploit fans and skilled modders.

worth pointing out to people they have released the next DLC... a nomadic cultures DLC which is free to download until the 29th of October which is nice of them.


I am still enjoying the first total war, thanks to Europa Barbarorum, and it doesn't seem like I'll want to change anytime soon. But, I am frankly surprised to hear that the Seleucids were not included from the beginning. Even in Vanilla RTW, they were one of the, if not THE faction to play, since historically they embraced everything from eastern steppe cavalry and elephant warfare to the Phanlanx and Hoplite infantries.

If i recall they were in the game, just not playable. See this game has (i think) just over a hundred factions.... you can only play as a handful though, 8 on launch, 2 free ones via updates or you can pay for 3 greek factions. This is absurd to me as these factions are in the game, they all have units and tech but you can play as them because CA would like to charge you for them later.

(Sorry for the delay in replying)

So, basically, and given that reports say the AI is still dumb as nails, may as well spare my CPU and my disk space and keep on EB, then.

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