The Last Door Opens On "The Four Witnesses"

The Last Door Opens On "The Four Witnesses"

The third episode of the browser-based horror adventure The Last Door is now live, and that means episode two is free for everyone.

It's been four months since Spanish indie studio The Game Kitchen rolled out "Memories," the second part of its 8-bit-styled, Lovecraft-flavored point-and-click adventure The Last Door, and now the next chapter is finally ready to go. "The Four Witnesses" takes the game to a hostile, sordid slum, which players will have to explore in order to learn the real truth about the murky past. The developers say that this episode is longer than the previous two, coming in at around an hour in length, and features better visual effects, a deeper narrative and, for the first time, "wide participation" from the supporting community.

With the release of "The Four Witnesses" to backers, "Memories," a journey to a remote former boarding school in Scotland where old memories about secret experiments and long-ago acquaintances come flooding back, is now open to everyone. Development on the next chapter, "Ancient Shadows," is also underway, as is the next round of crowdfunding. The studio is seeking €10000 ($13,800) to support the development of the fourth chapter.

And if you have no idea what I'm talking about, The Last Door is a browser-based adventure set in the late 1800s that follows the adventures of Jeremiah Devitt, who receives a strange letter from an old friend calling upon him to visit the family mansion. But all is not as it appears, and the strange wickedness he encounters upon his arrival compels him to undertake a dangerous journey of discovery. Browser-based games often don't get much respect but The Last Door is actually quite good; the studio said last month that it is considering the possibility of a downloadable, stand-alone release.

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For donating only $5 you can get the sound track... and it's a great soundtrack! (They are talking about making it more accessible.)

Call me Stan from Space Jam, because I'm going to be fixing a Devitt.

I have just played through the first two chapter and they are pretty good. I wouldn't say "scary", but certainly creepy. I found it compelling, but sometimes a little awkward. I had to look up the guide for the second one only to discover that I had in fact tried to do what needed to be done, but hadn't clicked on the exact spot required for it to work.

They are apparently €1,800 into the €10,000 needed for Chapter 4 so it seems like it still has a way to go. If I don't find any better Halloween deals I think I will end up donating for it and play Chapter 3 on that evening.

I wouldn't say "scary", but certainly creepy.

Agreed. The Last Door is definitely more Machine For Pigs than Dark Descent, but it's still quite good for what it is - better than some adventures that get conventional releases. Roughly $20 for full access to all future releases plus the soundtrack is a pretty decent deal, and with the first two chapters now free you can be sure of what you're getting before you jump in.


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