Telltale Delivering The Walking Dead: Season Two Announcement Tomorrow

Telltale Delivering The Walking Dead: Season Two Announcement Tomorrow

Fans of The Walking Dead should keep their eyes on Telltale for an announcement on October 29th.

Telltale's take on The Walking Dead was probably one of the more engrossing gaming narratives of the past few years. While many had complaints regarding the arguable linearity of the experience, the game overall did a fine job of enamoring players with a cast of likable (if flawed) characters, often just so it could use them to break your heart a few hours down the road. Leaving gamers with a somewhat ambiguous conclusion, many were dying to know what would happen next in the story.

A sixth episode, 400 Days gave fans a brief taste of the future, but wasn't quite the meal that many were hoping for. That in mind, Telltale has revealed it will be making an announcement concerning The Walking Dead: Season 2 tomorrow, October 29th at 3PM (EST). Telltale has previously confirmed that some fan favorite characters will be returning for Season Two. Likewise, players' actions 400 Days will supposedly have an effect on how the new story plays out. Hopefully the coming announcement will shed more light on those potential influences.

Even if it doesn't however, we'll be satisfied if Telltale just put a date to the game. While the developer has previously pegged it for a Fall 2013 launch, there's been little news since concerning a specific date. Granted, Telltale fans have had the new and excellent Fables: The Wolf Among Us to keep them occupied, but we'll confess that we're still eager for Season Two to get started. In other words, you can bet we'll have sights set on tomorrow's announcement.

Source: IGN


So they are announcing that they are going to announce Season 2? Isnt this the announcement then?

So they are announcing that they are going to announce Season 2? Isnt this the announcement then?

I think a lot of people are hoping to hear a release date.

Actually I ended up liking The Wolf Among Us even better than Walking Dead right after its first episode. Really looking forward to play the new Walking Dead as well, though.

My greatest concern is that I switched PC's between seasons, and since there were a ton of issues with transporting savegames from one copy of the game to another before - at least with the copies utilizing Telltale's own distribution system, no idea if the Steam crows had it any better - I'm afraid getting the old savegames to work will be a pain in the ass.

Fingers crossed.

Ah, so knowing the way Telltale does things, Season 2 shall be out in a week =P

Not that I'd be complaining, mind.

Is there anything truly as worthless as an announcement there there will be an announcement? Perhaps an announcement that an announcement will be forthcoming regarding an announcement.

Sadly this seems to be the way things work now. You can't just say "Hey we're making this game and here's a tentative release date". You've got to make sure everyone is primed for your huge, light-on-details announcement.


I'm sorry, let me rephrase that, WOOOO MORE WALKING DEAD THAT ISN'T THE TV SHOW!


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