Rise of the Triad Update Adds Quicksaves and More

Rise of the Triad Update Adds Quicksaves and More

The Rise of the Triad 1.2 update makes significant changes to the game and opens up old-school modding with the Ludicrous Development Kit.

I played the Rise of the Triad remake and liked it well enough, but I was baffled by the absence of a quicksave option. Joke about weak skill and casuals if you will, but in my estimation, any game that has lengthy, unavoidable first-person platforming segments over bubbling lava pits needs some kind of save-anywhere option; and since the original game offered quicksaves, it was mystifying that the otherwise-faithful remake did not.

That's no longer a concern, however, as the Rise of the Triad 1.2 patch, which went live today, adds quicksaves to the menu. That should go a long way toward making the game more palatable for players who like shooting things and hate jumping on them.

Also big: The addition of the Ludicrous Development Kit, which enables the creation of custom maps and mods with more than 16,000 assets, including the complete asset set from the original Rise of the Triad. You also no longer need to log in to play online; the multiplayer master servers are now available in offline mode, so you only need to connect with your user name and password if you want to sync your offline saves, get your scores on the leaderboards or chat with other players through the in-game chat rooms. Numerous bugs have also been fixed, and hopefully no new ones have been introduced.

It's a big update, roughly 1GB in size, but it sounds like it'll be worth the effort. Quicksaves!

Source: Interceptor Entertainment


Nice. The game is solid and I love how they support it.
If only the enemy models were more distinguishable to the background :(

Woo finally! Been waiting for this update!

Quicksave was much needed for me, I can't stand checkpoints that much. Going the Doom route and releasing the LDK will keep the game alive much longer than your typical AAA $59.99 generic military shooter.

Fucking finally. Some parts of it were just unbearable with Checkpoints. Though quicksaves are still disabled during the boss fights.

Don't suppose anyone knows if this has a functional console?

Don't suppose anyone knows if this has a functional console?

It does have it.. Console and cheats as well.

Checkpoint-only save systems inherently suck, and in RoTT they were spaced woefully apart. I was never much of a fan of the jumping nonsense in the original, but the checkpoint scheme in the remake made drove me around the bend. Knowing that they've been added has me wanting to jump back in.

The editor is a big thing too. Sounds very flexible and very powerful - the sort of thing that can really give a game legs.

It does have it.. Console and cheats as well.


Am I looking at a perfect replacement for UT/UT2004? With that dev kit and some mutator support, this could very well be THE game for custom content.


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