Titanfall Will Not Be Released On PlayStation 4

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Bob Thenecromancer:
I'm getting a GTX660 next month so no skin off my back.

not like you need it. its a source engined game. if you can run team fortress 2 you can probably run titanfall...

PS4 fanboys are going to rage when they hear about this. Still, this shows how much EA loves making a quick buck. A sure ball short term cash grab is always better than everybody's happiness isn't it? Screw the other side as long as we get our Benjamins now!

Nothing new.

No PS4 release...?

Well... that's a little disappointing.

Good thing I have a computer.

I had the same thought until i realized it was EA publishing it. I'm staying away from Origin till that thing is fixed.


So yeah. Why make an exclusive game at all for the next console generation? It just seems pointless and lazy since there should be almost no technical reason why you would need to.

nothings changed, console exclusives have only ever existed because of money , its never been a technical issue its about MS and sony being anti consumer anti free market and paying huge sacks of cash to get exclusives. because thats how they sell their consoles.

This has been confirmed for the longest time.
The rumors have been nothing more than wishful thinking from those who have dedicated to PS4.

It's also funny seeing how people are all like "well I wasn't going to play it anyway", it that was the case then they wouldn't get so angry about it or post stuff about the rumors.

I bet if Titanfall was an exclusive to the PS4 not Xbox One, then people wouldn't be crying foul about anti-consumerism.

EXACTLY. Also, I wouldnt be surprised if you catch alot of flak for simply pointing out the hypocrisy alot of people are spouting.

TitanFall again? Sheesh. I will admit I love the idea of mech fighting mixed with fluid movement of jet packs and wall running. Seems like it's going to have some fast and furious fights. But the more I hear about it the less excited I'm getting. I'm sure it's a great, but why all the hype? There was a thread not long ago where the developer talks of stagnation of the game industry. All this build up, and if it doesn't deliver? Seeing as I'm not a diehard FPS fan I'm not to bent out of shape if it does good or bad. But the way it keeps coming up people are already calling it the "Halo for Xbox One". Seriously? From what I remember Halo wasn't HALO on Xbox. I don't recall any fanfare it was like a dark horse. Next thing I knew everyone was playing it and everyone was covering it. TitanFall seems it's trying to force the same level of enthusiasm. So far all with hands-on with the demo seem fairly happy. It might just do the job, but a select group isn't the same as the worldwide exposure.

OT: Exclusives are a gamble. Always have and always will be. Sony has theirs and MS will have theirs. For those that only get one system or the other these exclusives just as much a factor as the price. I'm sure both companies work hard to secure IP and try to keep the others from gaining a port. It's a competition so it makes sense that they do such things.
Now let's look at TitanFall. One thing everyone's noticed is that it's not an Xbox One exclusive. Whether it was EA or MS decision (or maybe both) this was a smart move. Xbox One is on shaky ground right now. It's possible that it's sales might not meet the expected levels. Even if they don't sell many Xbox One's the sales from 360 and PC might make up for not going multi-platform and releasing next gen only (PS4/X-1) They're covering their bases. They're not being stupid about it, but the way they're claiming it's exclusive is dumb. It is EXCLUSIVELY on PC, 360, and Xbox one. At this point it's just excluding PS3, Wii(U), and PS4.

I had the same thought until i realized it was EA publishing it. I'm staying away from Origin till that thing is fixed.

Hmmm... allow me to amend my statement.

No PS4 release...?

Well... that's a little disappointing.

Oh wells... Cause... fuck Origin

Not even interested in this for the PC. I will never touch origin, I wait for cracks that remove origin and let you play your game you bought without it.

Anyways its a shitty looking game, I rather play a real Mech game, called MechWarrior Online. Or get the ol' dosbox out and play some Mechwarrior 2 and MW2 Mercs.

in the end we will laugh at all the game breaking bugs the game has and people not wanting it on any other console.

thats my prediction.

I think practically everyone who commented in this thread could do with some education. Please read the Wikipedia article on Console Exclusivity.

Here's the thing:

The second I found out Titanfall was a multiplayer game, I stopped being interested anyway. The XBone can have it. I'm sure PS4 will find another title for me to try out and immediately lose any sense of immersion and escape because 15 year olds are calling me a faggot.

I must have missed the part where it was possible that this wasn't the case. The last thing I heard about Titanfall was Microsoft claiming it as an Xbox One exclusive at E3... and then everyone laughing at them because it was also coming out on PC. From that I assumed it would never be released on the PS4.

Eldritch Warlord:
I think practically everyone who commented in this thread could do with some education. Please read the Wikipedia article on Console Exclusivity.

So "Xbox exclusive" and Playstation exclusive" are now specific industry terms which fall under "console exclusivity"? ...that's just hijacking a word. We know what exclusive means, and that's not it.

I thought it was already a Xbox exclusive?
I'm honestly more surprised to learn its coming on the PC.
The PS exclusion is kinda weird now that I know that.


Woah....I dont even wanna know how much money Microsoft threw at Ea to make this happen.
I dont care a bit for the game, and wont buy a console anyway, but this is gonna be interesting.
Still, I dont think it will be as big as COD. So...no deathstrike.

Meh, it isn't that big of a deal. Most people were going to buy it on PC anyways. I highly doubt many sales will come from the Xbox One version.

As hard as M$ is pimping the game, I'm sure it'll sell in droves regardless. What'll be hilarious is if it is as poorly recieved a launch title as Perfect Dark: Zero was.

In either event, I really couldn't care LESS about Titanfall, and I certainly don't see it as a "Killer App" for XBONE, consider all the sci-fi/shooters out there. Not that I care about Killzone either, but it isn't as if Sony's exclusivity (due to developing it) of that title will hurt the XBONE.

Honestly, exclusivity hasn't meant as much in recent years, not since MGS and Halo 3. What with the economy exacerbating the console wars, it MAY become a marketing lynchpin again. However, doubt it. Marketing teams are mucking about in far too many stupid ways already, and most devs are making these titles available for PC anyways.

Looks like a decent game. Thank god it's also for the PC, I'm not touching anything Xbox with a twenty foot pole.

You are not losing anything guys. Remember, this game has only one map you play over and over again ;)




And you seriously think that Sony doesn't do things like this, wow you are really blinded by your love of these companies.

Beg pardon? My statement made no mention of Sony. I'm just voting with my wallet, as consumers should.
I would suggest you are the blind one. I, for one, do not respond well to attempted extortion.

OT: To be fair, EA will also be added to my abstention list.

Uhhhhh... Paying/accepting money for exclusivity is extortion now?

Better cross literally every developer that's ever made an exclusive off your buying list (Rockstar, EA, Activision, Mojang, Playdead, Jonathan Blow...), as well as Microsoft and Sony.

...And Nintendo, what with the whole Bayonetta 2 thing.

Man, you'd better hope that Valve's Linux venture turns out well. D:

Simple Bluff:



Sorry but, extortion? They made an exclusivity deal. This has happened many times before. Are Sucker Punch, Insomniac, Naughty Dog, Bungie, Epic and Bethesta (sort of) on your abstention list too? Must be an awfully long list.

Yup... and getting longer - but I will spell it out for you, seeing as you seem adamant about twisting my words - just because I called out Microsoft and EA in this post, does not mean I am unaware that other companies enact similar policies.
And any consumers willing to participate in such practices are complicit in that act.


Oh sure Titanfall might not see the light of day on a PS4, but what about Titanfall 2? C'mon you know that a sequal is going to happen and most likely if the PS4 becomes a successful console? It'll be on there. I'm calling it now.

Saint's Row was a Xbox 360 "exclusive". The rest of the franchise however.....
Just sayin.

I believe the original Mass Effect was also in this same situation.

I am calling bullroar on this. And here is why:


The more they deny it, the more I am sure the game will see a PS4 release.

Well so much for the whole "Oh Titanfall will eventually go to PS4" posts I read after E3.

But it really seems like they're quite desperate to keep it on Xbox consoles.

Keep in mind this is what they wanted to do with Mass Effect and look how that turned out for them. I think eventually down the road some version of it would be released on the ps4 much to the dismay of Microsoft and Xbox One owners. Gosh I hate exclusivity. This past generation I was a ps3 gamer mostly making the transition to Pc towards the end of the generation. I think the ps3 was the better console but I was happy when exclusive IP's such as the metal gear franchise went to other consoles so that way other gamers could experience the same fun I had.

Well, if this holds true, then whatever bribe Microsoft made to EA must have been IMMENSE.
Doesn't matter to me; EA is on my shitlist and so is Microsoft. I lose nothin'.

Wait, it's on the PC too? And the XBox 360?

So it's not an exclusive, like they've been saying since day one? I'm confused, guess PC doesn't count any more...

Given a lot of gamer still refuse to use Origin, and the fact that it probably wont be on steam (given EA's tendencies). I doubt it'll be a hit on pc to any extent.

It's obviously aimed at the same old xbox demographic which always seems to have a huge disposable income. I suspect this will be a huge thing on the xbox one and 360. I know I'll probably get it when I get an xb1 after the firmware and launch problems have been sorted out, and since I still refuse to use origin this will probably be one of the first games I get for my xb1.

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