Battlefield 4 Teams With Axe For Embarrassing Cross-Promotion

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Look, I can understand the offense to the senses, not everyone agrees on what actually smells good due to olfactory differences... but judging someone's personality by the body-spray/deodorant they wear seems to be just a bit prejudicial and close-minded. It'd be one thing to say you avoid them because of the scent, but its just kinda offensive because that automatically puts people like me, who you have no clue who I am nor how my personality is, in a "tool" or "douchebag" class simply because of the fact I might wear AXE from time to time.
Judge people for who they are, not what they wear, like a book for its content not the cover. The other type of attitude seems way more douchebag/tool-ish to me than just wearing a deodorant brand.

The entire marketing for AXE is horribly offensive and it is specifically made for people who I want to avoid.

AXE smells awful so I can't think of another reason to wear it.

Yeah... it's pretty bad. Every Axe commercial I've seen is more or less "Wear Axe, get laid."

Who does that appeal to? Who would want to wear Axe after seeing a commercial like that? I personally don't enjoy being painted as some sex-crazed man child, so I avoid Axe. Plus, I think it smells like shit. Although, I think all body sprays smell bad.

This commercial makes fun of Axe, and it never ceases to crack me up.

This AXE commercial made me shout "WHAT THE FUCK" to my TV. I am offended that they even allowed this sexist bullshit on TV.

You know how it's a common complaint that some women in TV, movies, video games, etc are just a pair of breasts? This commercial did it literally.

Chairman Miaow:
Pah, Axe is horrible stuff. Here in the UK we have real deodorant. Like Lynx.

Well done, I almost spat out my tea at that one.

OT: Like quite a few people have said, I'm impressed by the fact she's wearing full body armour and clothing.

I was kinda waiting for her to fondle his rifle appreciatively/suggestively, or pretty much anything at all to save it from being a bland pointless waste of my time.

Well, that was weird.

Was the message 'make love not war'?

There is a huge disconnect between the commercial and why people play the game, but I guess I'm happy it wasn't along the lines of 'guy uses Axe, is manly man of manliness, and saves some civilian who returns the favor with sex.'

I get the feeling people making the add consciously tried not to make it offensive, which is good, I guess?

Desert Punk:
I am surprised. Here is a sensibly dressed female soldier, and no one mentioned it before now.

Sensibly? I saw nothing sensible there.
She took off her helmet (both of them did, to be honest)
And in active battle scenario taking off your helmet just to wave your hair around is equivalent of poledancing in front of speeding truck [hint: it is bad idea].
And when possible you wear something armored and fast around you, for example tank or APC.

First they shut down Command & Conquer, now...

Wait, what?
How it's even possible?
To shut down something you need open up something first.
And to open up something you need to make sure you haven't raped it, killed it, then raped it again, then dumped it into garbage container, then returned and pulled it out of garbage container, then raped it once more, then buried it in the forest, then dug up it, then raped it yet again, then burned it to ash, then rubbed ashes into your dick, then dried the whole mess and snorted it, like some goddamn madafaking cocaine.
And that seems... complicated.

And yes, it took me only 3.5 years to overcome denial stage, now I'm at pain induced anger stage (I combined step2 and step3, to speed up the process a bit)
Who knows maybe in next 7 to 10 years I will burn down EA HQ overcome this

Better than Halo and their Dewritos partner ship.

Then again I saw something related to the Xbox One and Slim Jims.

Needless to say it could of been worse.

Aside from this embarrassing commercial, they also once again take a slap in the face to military regulations by having the lady ignore hair length regulations in favor for hot babe status. Keep it in a bun soldier or get out.

That was a very failed opportunity to use LOVE IS A BATTLEFIELD - by pat benatar...

But it made me laugh anyway... So I guess.. well done.. since I don't use axe or play battlefield.

I feel that commercial should be followed by this -

Should smell Axe spray coming off a sweaty mexican. Almost smells like skunk, its that bad. One of our guys at work is a sweaty mexican and he tried some at the behest of another coworker and we all suffered for it.

Don't let sweaty mexican wear deodorant. You sweat that much and have a natural stank, then you need antiperspirant, armpit cancer and brain disease be damned.

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