Minecraft's Official Skyrim Pack Fus-Ro-Dah's Into Your Block World

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Maiev Shadowsong:


Maiev Shadowsong:
Yes. Yes it is inane for a company to charge money for something millions of people willing give away for free. If you think being a business means anything you do and charge money for is reasonable, you're horrifically mistaken. Not having to buy something doesn't stop it from being stupid.

Would you like to buy my feces? Only $5.

There is a difference in quality between a fan made mod and one that is released by the developers themselves. There's also the fact that a mod released by the developers will reach a lot more players (greater compatibility between players), and an expected level of technical support should something go wrong. If you can't perceive these differences, I feel sorry for you.

Also, your "ridiculous" example; have you never heard of manure being sold as fertilizer?

Reach more people? What are you smoking? The PC playerbase for Minecraft is an order of magnitude larger and texture packs are extremely popular. Don't even try to tell me the community doesn't make better texture packs than developers. Do I need to link you any of the many, many fan made texture packs for games, including Minecraft, that are vastly superior? There's mods that make Oblivion look like Crysis. Support? I'll take the thousands of dedicated forums and threads that have step by step guides and FAQs for every situation, over some email tech support.

Buying a piece of human feces is not even remotely akin to buying fertilizer for your lawn. You couldn't stretch further to try and make your point work if you were made of rubber.

How do I put those PC mods onto my Xbox?

If you think that analogy is a stretch, I may be giving you too much credit.

I could just get a mod texture pack for free on PC. I have no use for this, even if I did have an xbox.


Chairman Miaow:
Errrmmm.... Who praised Skyrim's dragons? Everybody I know said that they were extremely dissappointing, no different than a normal encounter, poor AI, glitchy as hell and no challenge at all.

SkyRe + the Deadly Dragons mod set to Expert.
In terms of challenges, those dragons are the challenges you run the fuck away from unless you've a city full of guards to back you up. Except sometimes the guards all die and you have to run away anyway.

This sounds glorius. When I hear a dragon, I want to shit my pants IRL. I want them to put the fear of the Gods in me. I know what I'm doing when I get home.

Evil Smurf:
I did not like Skyrim, but do like minecraft, can I get this on PC?

I was thinking the same thing except I do like Skyrim.

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