Warhammer Online Goes Out in "One Last Big WAAAGH!"

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Ahh... Warhammer Online...

It really was a decent game and was actually quite fun, the Warhammer world actually being quite interesting and the classes all had niche roles. I spent a fair amount of time playing Warhammer during 2 separate breaks from WoW, making and playing different characters all the while.

The only things that really turned me away both times I played it was the horrible imbalance between certain classes (It was essentially a game of Glass Cannons (Bright Wizards/Sorcerer(ess) and later Choppa/Slayer) and healers. Since the GC's put out the highest damage in the game (To the point of insta-gibbing as a single target spec or combine a few AoE specs and decimate an entire group) and the healers kept them up. Everything else seemed irrelevant as it was all about high damage and DPS) and the lack of PvE content at higher levels (Not sure if that was ever addressed, but after about level 30ish leveling consisted of entirely PvP)

But it did do some things right:

Making tank classes feel viable in PvP (Outside of the few DPS builds for those classes such as the Chosen) via giving them Hold the Line and Guard (As well as Taunt giving a DPS boost to make you more of a threat) to make them actually have value in that they make other people harder to kill when left alive.

Level boosting in Scenarios, making them accessible while leveling (So you won't just get stomped by the characters towards the higher end of the level bracket) - Though usually the people who were infact top level in the bracket would still be able to dominate.

I played it from release to a few months after and it really was very unique and fun. An earnest, quality-produced PvP-focused MMO with a great IP behind it. Unique mechanics like player collision, alchemy that allowed you to design your own potions with herbs you can selectively breed(which I was obsessed with and everyone who knew me knew it,) not to mention the overall PvP-focus was something no other MMO was doing and really still isn't. It's such a shame to see something like this to go, but it was plagued with development problems. I saw it released too early and its poor opening reception just meant it skid along from there.

I played it as a healer and loved the PvP, but the flaws caused me to get depressed about it and stop playing. Class balance was atrocious, 'nuff said there; you can imagine. The overall PvP campaign was pointless and moved along too fast, partly because the faction imbalance was ludicrous. The content tie-in was hollow as there was nothing to do in the designated PvP zones besides fight other players or swap around objectives which made it very boring to me.

I'm not going to rejoin because I'm the slow-plodder type of player. I'm going to spend half my time re-familiarizing myself with everything just to have it depressingly deleted after. Also, I can't remember my password even though I could probably jury-rig my way into my own account if I tried.

But I really did have a lot of fun with it while the hype train lasted. Shame it bombed.

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