Super Time Force Trailer Explains "Single-Player Co-Op"

Super Time Force Trailer Explains "Single-Player Co-Op"

Though the nuances are beyond us all, Capy promises "a fecal storm hot fire..." (I think that's supposed to be a good thing.)

Capy Games' Super Time Force has been in development for a long time: You may have heard of and forgotten multiple times by now. With that in mind, developer Capy Games' newest trailer is devoted to... reacquainting you with the game's premise.

If you haven't seen it before, Super Time Force plays like a standard 2D side-scrolling shooter, with one major twist: When a player dies, the game rewinds a few seconds, allowing them to replay the section alongside a ghost-run of last their last try. It's a concept they like to call "single-player co-op." If you keep dying, the extra characters keep coming, expanding from a lone gunman into a small army.

This trailer, a mix of gameplay and hand-drawn visuals, explains what the game is all about, while reminding potential players that the big questions - Where does the Super Time Force come? Why are they shooting stuff? How does time travel work? - are irrelevant. Obviously, the most important elements of this game are its neat ideas and that dinosaur on a skateboard.

Super Time Force does not have an official release date, but the last time it came up Capy said they plan to launch the game on Xbox Live Arcade by the end of the year.


When I saw the name of Time Force in it I first thought of Power Rangers Time Force.

OT: Looks pretty cool I think I will try this game when it comes out I just hope the whole rewind wont remove all difficulty.

So, it's basically Super Meat Boy's ghost mode, but with incidental benefits?

so basically the small army part will come into play during platforming when you miss that jump for 14th @$#@#$ing time?


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