Need for Speed: Rivals Shifts Gears to Join PS4 Launch Lineup

Need for Speed: Rivals Shifts Gears to Join PS4 Launch Lineup

Rivals steps up to fill the racing game-shaped hole in the console's day-one lineup.

Need for Speed: Rivals will hit stores on PlayStation 4 a week ahead of schedule to join the console's day-one launch lineup. Rivals, EA's upcoming cross-gen entry in the annual series, was originally set to hit stores on all consoles - PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360 and PC November 22. The current-gen console and PC versions will still hit stores on November 22, alongside the launch of the Xbox One.

Rivals fills a critical gap in the PS4 launch lineup. With both Sony and Ubisoft's racing titles -DriveClub and The Crew respectively - pushed back in the last few months, the PS4 was set to launch without a racing game. Where's Ridge Racer when you need it?

The PS4 version of Rivals will support remote play on the Vita, and AllDrive Mode, a seamlessly integrated single and multiplayer experience.

Source: PlayStation Blog


Man, I want to own a PS4 just to see what remote play is like on my Vita.

Indeed, this is the first time a Playstation has been released without a Ridge Racer. I knew something was missing!

How I long for a new RR like RR3D or Type 4.

Smart move on EAs part, I'll have to add it to my order.
Good point about ridge racer, where the heck is it?


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