Pokemon X and Y Player Builds Automatic Shiny Finder

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in any case i don't see anybody scrambling to open up the case of their 3ds and make warranty breaking modifications to their hardware, so i doubt this will really be a huge issue


For the people telling him to hack them in: As far as I know that isn't possible yet and even if it was Nintendo/Game Freak has blocks that can mess up your game if you attempt to use them in online play making them functionally worthless.

It very possibly. All you need now is a smart phone with one of the apps. In this version of hacked pokemon, the game data is not modified. What it does is you create a custom internet connection between your phone app and DS, then connect to the global trade station and the pokemon is sent to the game. For all purposes the pokemon is legit unless it has stats and moves not normally available in gameplay. The apps are called PokeBuilder or PokeCreator.

I mean for X and Y. You mentioned one for Black and White but pokemon bank isn't out yet

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