Knack's Quest iOS Game Ties into PS4 Launch Title

Knack's Quest iOS Game Ties into PS4 Launch Title

Knack-themed mobile game lets players earn items for the main game on the go.

You may not be able to settle down and play Knack until the PS4 launches next week, but there is a way for you to start preparing for it if you're that excited. Knack's Quest, a companion game linked to Knack, is available today for iOS.

Knack's Quest is standard match-three fare: Players try to put together sets of at least three gems or gadgets to help the expandable robot grow, and complete each stage when by getting Knack to reach his largest body type. The link between the two comes in the form of items that players earn in Quest, but can be transferred to players' inventory in Knack.

Though the app is only available on iOS at the moment, Sony Worldwide president Shuhei Yoshida suggested to GamesIndustry International earlier this year that Quest would come to Android as well.

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