Ubisoft: Modern Day Assassin's Creed Mechanically Unfeasible

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"There will certainly be a resolution to the most recent plot developments," says McDevitt, "but the overall conflict will probably rage forever, just like most deeply divided philosophical conflicts."

Translation: "End this cash cow? Ahahaha you be crazy!"

Thanks for the honest heads up though Ubi, now I know I'm not ever going to miss anything having skipped AC3 and by skipping AC 4/5/6/7/Eleventybillion, I do actually appreciate that.

Thanks for the spoiler warning.

Such a nice thing to shove in to an article allegedly about the technical reasons why a modern setting Assassin's Creed isn't feasible.

Very unhappy and unimpressed.

I second this emotion. Sure I've been a lazy arse and not played any of AC3 yet, let alone powering through AC4 I haven't bought, but... come on now.

Of course its mechanically feasible. plenty of gmaes already did it. but you seem to love your shiny ships and already-too-old-and-boring pirates.

...Oh, so Desmond's dead? Thanks for the spoiler warning guys...

So, just me who thinks that a modern Assassin's Creed game would completely defeat the point,then?

It would be comparable to a Call of Duty game set during peacetime...

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