GOG Adds Wing Commander: Prophecy to Its Retro Squadron

GOG Adds Wing Commander: Prophecy to Its Retro Squadron

Wing Commander Prophecy Screen

Wing Commander: Prophecy is now available at GOG for $5.99.

There is a simple joy to flying around in a spaceship and blowing stuff up that really can't be matched. The Wing Commander series, in turn, is often counted among the best of the best when it comes to games that built themselves on the fun of space-based "p-koo p-koo." For some time now, GOG has been able to boast the majority of the franchise among its various retro products and, starting today, the digital retailer will be adding another entry from the series to its catalog: Wing Commander: Prophecy.

The fifth and last game in main series, Prophecy takes place a few years after the Kilrathi War that serves as the backdrop for the bulk of the series. Dropping players into the shoes of Lance Casey, a rookie pilot aboard the advanced ship the TCS Midway, it follows the conflict between the Terran Confederation and a new alien enemy whose coming was foretold to be the beginning of the end of the universe.

Personally, I couldn't be more excited for Prophecy's release. While I have played the Game Boy Advance version in the past, it's the one game in the PC series that I haven't really had a chance to try. That being the case, I'll be writing up my impressions ofWing Commander: Prophecy for a new edition of Good Old Reviews that will be coming out this Saturday. In the mean time, if you want to give Prophecy a try, you can find it at GOG for $5.99.

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I still own the whole series in physical copies.

I'll probably end up buy this if the do a 'series sale/discount'.
Given how much of a pain in the ass it is to run the games off their original discs.

Given how much of a pain in the ass it is to run the games off their original discs.

Yeah, if I wanted to play the earliest games in the series I'd have to find a 3 1/2" FDD to... oh shit, that wouldn't work, my motherboard doesn't have PATA slots... I'd have to grab a PATA to USB external enclosure and... fuck that for effort.

So yay GoG... even if Prophecy IS the worst of the main series games (and nary a Roberts brother to be found)... but it does allow you to play some awesome mods and TCs via the Secret(?) Missions add on.

Ahh, good old live action FMVs. And plenty of 'em.

And looking at the screen cap, damn but the Stormfire was cathartic.

Oh good, this includes Secret Ops. One of the first "episodic gaming" failures I can remember.

WC:P is nowhere near as good as WCIII or WCIV, but it's still a pretty decent space combat game.

I loved this game when I was a kid! I haven't tried installing it for years though, its probably allergic to modern PCs, especially the FMVs.

Still have this on disc. Not one of my favorites, thought WC3 and The Price of Freedom were better. The opening of this is eerily reminiscent of (or just plain stolen by?) the first Star Trek reboot. Maybe JJ is a fan too?

I still have the original discs of this floating around my apartment somewhere. It's not bad but towards the bottom of the WC rankings for me. Of course, I tend to compare everything to Privateer and nothing really can compete with that.

Finally, been waiting for it since Wc3 and 4 were released *throws money at screen* GIMME!


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