Console and Mobile Versions of Terraria Updated

Console and Mobile Versions of Terraria Updated

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Console players get a few features from the PC version's 1.2 patch while Android and iOS owners now have multi-player support.

505 Games, the publishers of the Xbox 360, PS3, Android and iOS versions of Terraria have announced a slew improvements for the title. Owners of the iOS and Android versions can now use Wi-Fi support to join up with four other players to survive the monsters of Terarria together. Alternatively, they can also fight each other to the death, presumably over who gets dibs on the platinum mine that was just dug up. Code fixes are also included in the mobile update, as is the ability to drop items directly from your inventory bar into the world.

The latest console update of Terraria, released earlier this week, fixed several bugs on the Xbox 360 and PS3 version of the game and threw in some "teaser material" from the PC version's recent version 1.2 update. These include new armor, updated graphics and new sprites for enemies. The console versions are expected to get the full content of the version 1.2 update some time early next year. Also announced by 505 Games was a version of Terraria for Windows 8 phones that will be available "soon."

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Really glad to see the console and mobile players will be receiving the 1.2 content.

The more time goes by the more respect I have for Re-Logic and 505 Games. The volume of new content that's been added, and indeed continuing to be added[1], is nothing short of fantastic. And that's before one considers that it's all free.

Kudos to both teams. Most notably to Andrew Spinks.

The current version[2] will easily hold me over until Terraria 2 is released. :)

[1] The Halloween update was pretty awesome.
[2] With a litt...well, a lot...of help from Starbound.

The console version split is getting a bit more seems like they're incorporating a lot of their own types of variants, AND getting stuff from the PC game. What's with the one way sharing?


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