PS4 Reaper of Souls Gets Exclusive "Avenger Kills," Gifting Features

PS4 Reaper of Souls Gets Exclusive "Avenger Kills," Gifting Features

Reaper of Souls

Find yourself slain by a minion of Hell? That beast can now hunt down your friends in their games.

Among the announcements at the Anaheim BlizzCon event this weekend were a few new features exclusive to the coming PS4 version of Reaper of Souls, the first expansion for Diablo III. One of the most interesting of these new elements is "Avenger Kills," which starts when a character dies to one of the numerous hellspawn roaming Sanctuary. When that happens, said senior level designer Matthew Berger, there's a chance that monster will level up and jump into a portal to emerge in the game of someone on their PS4 friends list.

When that friend starts their game, they'll find themselves in store for a dramatic showdown - the skies will darken and their comrade's old foe will appear before them. The monster will have a new title naming it as the "Bane" of whomever it killed, such as "Matthew's Bane," Berger said. If the monster wins once more, it levels up again, becomes the new player's "Bane" and will then hop into the game of another friend to continue its reign of terror. However, if the monster is slain, both its killer and the player last killed by it get some loot.

It's not yet been decided just how strong these "Avenger Kill" monsters can become, but ones that become too powerful may eventually retire, Berger said. And if you want to send something to your friend's game that won't maim them, the PS4 version of Reaper of Souls also lets you gift loot to others who aren't in your game. Players who get a Legendary loot drop will now get a second bonus item to send to a friend over the PS4's mail system. The gifted item will be either Rare or Legendary and usable by the receiving player's character class, Berger said. The gifting and "Avenger Kills" are meant to give players a way to connect with each other even when they're not playing in the same game, he added.

The PS4 Reaper of Souls team also has the PlayStation Vita's Remote Play service "on our radar," said Berger, but they have some reservations about the handheld's lower screen resolution. Reaper of Souls for the PS4 will be sold in an "Ultimate Evil" edition that also includes all four acts of the original Diablo III and will run natively at 60 frames per second and 1080p resolution. It is set for release alongside the PC version of Reaper of Souls in 2014.

Source: Polygon via Eurogamer


I'm really not liking this trend of having exclusive stuff in game depending on what system you get.

I hope this doesn't become yet another sleaze ball business practice this coming generation.

No matter what system you buy for your game- we paid $60.00 for it, and we expect the guy playing the game on the PS4 to have the same features as the guy playing on the Wii U/ X1.

This is blatant favoritism now. Just make yourself an exclusive if your going to do stuff like this.

Now I'm sort of glad I dont have a Ps3, Because I know for a fact I would intentionally lose to powerful monsters just to flood an unlucky friend with powered up enemies.

One thing I dont like however is the gifting thing. Does the secondary item stay locked until you send it to a friend?

Will it work like gifts in TF2 where it will send a random item [albeit a item for your friends class], like a weapon, ring, armor, or a potion?

Do you choose who you send the item to?

Is the item level-locked?

Because I foresee players farming legendary items just so they can send them to their friend to make them more powerful.

well it would have to be a Ps3 exclusive because not a single one of my friends are still playing Diablo 3. I think the most dedicated of us only lasted a couple months.


Is the item level-locked?

last time I played D3 (which was launch week btw, not touched it since)

ALL gear is level locked, so just sending you buddy a bad ass weapon won't really do them any good till they are high enough level to actually use it.

least that's how it was then, and I doubt its changed.


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