PS3 Version of Contrast Pushed Back Four Days

PS3 Version of Contrast Pushed Back Four Days


PS3 version takes a back seat to next-gen, other platforms.

Contrast, the upcoming puzzle-platformer from Compulsion Games, has suffered a fairly minor last-second setback: The PS3 version of the game will launch a few days behind other platforms, according to publisher Focus Home Interactive.

The game will come other platforms - PS4, Xbox 360 and PC - on time, launching on their respective platforms this Friday, November 15. The PS3 version will be available on PSN November 19.

Launching alongside the PS4, Contrast will be one of two games available for free for PlayStation Plus members on day one. The game jumped fell into that position last month after Sony announced that their racer, DriveClub, would not be ready to ship at launch.


This is a much better plus reward than driveclub. I'm glad ps4 isn't getting delayed.

free for PlayStation Plus??? well i guess i'll have to download it then and check it out.

Yep, Resogun + Contrast will give PS4 early adopters quite a few games to play right off the bat. Good move, Sony.

The PS3 is such a gawdalmighty pain in the butt to dev for that doing the PS3 version after the PS4/X360/XB1/PC versions must be like taking your cod liver oil. 'Yeah, yeah, we'll release it later. *sigh*'


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