Sony Investigating "Isolated" Reported PS4 Problems

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Spaceman Spiff:
Of course they'll say these are isolated incidents. That's the SOP for poor quality control. I wonder if BPoD(blue pulse of death) will be the new RRoD.

I was thinking of calling it the WoD (wink of death). It makes it sound almost flirty.

They all say this. It's the standard response but mostly true. All new hardware go through this stuff. The first batch of any launch of any hardware has ever gone cleanly. Me bothered? Nah. I'm too long in the tooth, I'd had been surprised if there wasn't any buggy systems.

Haha, seeing your wink of death comment instantly made me think of this. Very flirty indeed.

Not that I am planning on getting either one in the near future, I have only gotten games at launch when I have the money, they catch my eye, and so on...

Wow, problems occurring right at the beginning of a product's lifespan. Just give it a month or two, every console has had a problem right out of the launch gate. Although, this one is kinda hard to miss. The worst part about this seems to be that it's a hardware problem, which means they can't just patch it, which would be so much simpler and cost effective.

It sounds like different issues, some hardware, some software from the day 1 patch. Like every release bugs slip through though it sounds like a small percentage getting the pre production versions.

I would like to see how many consoles are defective as opposed to how many were actually shipped. Technically there could only be a few defective units running around but they didn't ship many either so the percentage of defective consoles could be worryingly high.

I'm just going to say that no one should commit to either console for at least nine months so both companies can sort their shit out and actually finish their products. Just sayin.

And it begins....

Launch issues are being launch issues. to be expected.

So no RRoD yet? Sweet.

Looks more like Blue pulse of death. BPOD?

Agreed, the 'Pulsing Blue Light' kind of sounds like that to me.

Alpha Maeko:
(The PS3 version either didn't exist or came out way later, or had lots of bugs 'n glitches in comparison.)

That was thanks to cell processor, something PS4 will not be having a problem with.

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