Contrast Launch Trailer: Surreal, Shadowy, Beautiful

Contrast Launch Trailer: Surreal, Shadowy, Beautiful

You would never lie to me, would you?

Contrast, Compulsion Games' intriguing shadow-filled puzzler, is out now, and to celebrate there's a new trailer for your entertainment and bewilderment. Didi's imaginary friend Dawn has a lot on her plate, but she isn't the only one, and there's more than a touch of surreal noir about this gorgeous short. But who's lying to who? Now there's a question you'll need to play the game to answer.

It's the story that's the main draw here, and this trailer nails that home. Compulsion's indie effort earned a lot of love at Gamescom and PAX Prime this year, and with good reason; it's one of those experiences that sticks with you, even if its puzzles don't always challenge. Sony offered this free via the PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection at PS4's launch, but if you're after this on other systems, it's also out on Xbox 360, PS3 and Steam, at about $15.

Now, Dawn, better go through your paces; you've had a decent American opening, but Europe has a day or so to wait before it gets a good look at your PSN act.

Source: Focus Interactive YouTube


Just wondering, why did you guys post the launch trailer AFTER the review? The trailer's been out for some time now...

Still, not complaining. The trailer is beautifully made. (Is that Kaidan's voice actor which I hear..? ) As for the game, I hope the voice-acting and visuals may be good enough for me not to care about the mediocre platformer gameplay.


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