Disney Princesses Revamped With Final Fantasy Job Classes

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and I no longer want another Kingdom Hearts, now I want a Disney Fantasy Tactics :(

They somehow made all the ethnic princesses even MORE racist.

That's feminism for you I guess. Ignore any prejudice that isn't gender based, it reminds people that sexism isn't the biggest and most important issue causing problems in society.

Whatever, whenever I think of attempts to make the Disney Princesses "badass" by robbing them of their femininity because of societies creepy double standard, I just remember all the Disney Princesses kinda suck anyway.

Wow... Only one missing is Alice, according to Kingdom Hearts canon she is a princess. So.... INCOMPLETE!

And according to Alice Through the Looking-Glass,, she's a queen.

The art in itself is stunningly beautiful, but also the casting of princesses to classes is impeccable.

Nuts, now I really wanna play FF14 after all...

Probably because this art made me remember one of the strongest points of MMOs, one that usually gets overlooked: like no other genre you get to experience truly being a druid, or a black mage, or whatever. Or at least in as much as it's technically and practically feasible. Working your way through magus guild tests, the joy of your first successfully summoned minion, joining a group and taking up a role that no one else in the group could fulfill... Little things like that. And maybe it's just nostalgia, but I find the final fantasy jobs particularly endearing.

Disney really needs more badass princesses.

I about spit up laughing at Belle as the Beastmaster. Still one of my favorite Disney princess movies, and such an apt comparison.


Also just because I feel someone had to say it... what criteria is Disney using to define "Princess" nowadays anyway. A few of the Disney girls here conceptually don't have a drop of royal blood anywhere in their backround. :)

In the early gen, most of them were actually princesses, and the term stuck. Snow White, Aurora, Cinderella, and Belle all were or became princesses. As were Jasmine and Ariel. Pochantos was called the 'Indian Princess' in her day, so that carried through fine. Since then it's just been used for the leading female figures in most Disney movies, if only for use in their merchandise lines.

Fascinating. I like Pochahontas' style especially, so many weapons yet still keeping that Native American feel. I love the art style, too. This is really something. Merida and Mulan are great too, I would have them in my party any day.

To be honest the one that sort of got me was Jasmine as a summoner, largely because she doesn't actually command the Genie, Aladdin does (for a time). Jasmine's primary talents, albeit mostly defined via the animated TV series, rely mostly in using a whip and acrobatics. She also has a pet tiger. I suppose if I was doing it, I probably would have made her the beast tamer (which can use a whip in some of the FF games) especially seeing as she actually has an animal companion. While it's clever to make Belle a "beast master" due to having the beast, he's not really an animal or monster in a true sense, truthfully I would have made her a sage since being an inverted and somewhat oblivious
bookworm was her primary defining personality trait before the whole magic castle thing.

Both your suggestions would have worked. Still, it's fine as it is.

Clearly I'm behind on my Disney Princesses homework. Who's Aurora?

Aurora is Sleeping Beauty. I named my daughter after her.


And no love for Leia? She counts now! I'd probably call her a ninja. She does a fair amount of sneaking and infiltration.

Princess of what?

OT: I like the designs. A good combination of Final Fantasty's art styles and the princesses that looks pretty good.

These are awesome! I've saved them all to my harddrive - I may need to use them as inspiration for future Pathfinder characters. Or possibly Final Fantasy d20 character.

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