The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot Goes To Steam Early Access

The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot Goes To Steam Early Access

Would sir care for a Founder's Pack? They're wafer thin.

The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot, Ubisoft's free-to-play castle raiding extravaganza, is now available - in beta form - via Steam early access. Ubisoft welcomes you to the magical land of Opulencia, and nothing says welcome like a pile of merch for sale, so if you're intrigued and have a chunk of change to spare, you might want to consider the Double O Founder's Program. The finished product might be free, but this is the beta, and if you want into the beta there's a price to be paid.

Founder's Packs are unique to each character type, so for about $20 each you can have access to the Knight Pack, Archer Pack, or for $40 you can have the Mage Legit Fan pack. Each confers access to the beta, gives you a unique skin, some boosts, $25 worth of in-game premium currency and other good things. The Mage Pack gives you more stuff, including a boss creature - the Terroraptor - and $50 worth of premium currency. If you've got cash burning a hole in your pocket, then for $99 you can get the High Roller pack, which includes all the stuff in the other three packs, yet another boss - Dragonificus - and $130 premium currency, as well as other perks.

All of which sounds a little pay-to-win rather than free-to-play, particularly with those two boss monsters on offer. Still, this does look like a fun title, and if you can live with the price tag on what is, after all, a beta build, then maybe you should take a look at The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot.

Source: Steam Early Access


When I first saw this months ago, it seemed like a cute Tower Defense-ish idea. Everyone builds their own castle and defends it, and can raid others. Then more and more information came out about how the gameplay is limited. And then they started attaching a real-world price to everything and all of a sudden it's pay-to-win.

Not okay.

I'll never understand paying for beta access to a free-to-play title.

Mighty Quest looked rather interesting early on, but the fluctuating business model has me waiting to see what state it's in when they finally release.

I remember paying $20 to have the honor to play in the WoW stress-test beta... which lasted maybe 2 weeks, and that was 7 or 8 years ago? The idea of charging for beta is nothing new but I don't think it works as well for barely known titles


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