Team Fortress 2's "Two Cities" Update Launches With New Trailer

Team Fortress 2's "Two Cities" Update Launches With New Trailer

The Medic, who was one of the weakest classes in the Mann vs. Machine mode, is getting some new toys to play with.

The "Two Cities" Team Fortress 2 update, which was revealed yesterday, is now live, bringing with it two new Mann vs. Machine maps, weapon effects, and more. It's release was accompanied with another one of Valve's top-notch trailers, this time showing off some of the new toys the Medic will be able to get his hands on in the new update.

The trailer takes place in Rottenburg, the birthplace of the Medic, and the second of the "Two Cities" (the first being Mannhattan). It shows our favorite doctor using two new upgrades: The Re-animator, which allows him to bring slain teammates back to life, and the Projectile Shield, which deflects projectiles while electrocuting nearby robots.

A third upgrade, which wasn't shown in the trailer, is the Mad Milk Syringes, which allow the medic to splatter robots in Mad Milk, causing damage done to them to heal the attacker.

But it's not all love for the Medic. The "Rocket Specialist" upgrade for the Soldier allows him shoot faster rockets that temporarily stun any target they don't kill. Direct hits to a target increase splash damage radius to surrounding enemies.

The update should automatically download as soon as you open Steam. Happy robot hunting!

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Sweet update. This might actually make me want to play Mann vs. Machine.

I've played a bit of the update it makes the medic so much more usful!

I might actually play as the Medic for once. That shield looks pretty damn useful, especially when a wave of demobots show up and rain down bouncy death on your team.

I've never considered the medic to be useless in MVM. I've had so many games where I just ran around with the Ubersaw to get a full uber meter in less than five seconds, giving the pleasantly surprised Heavy a near constant critical boost which lets him clear entire waves and giants at practically ANY range. If you play right, you can essentially turn the Heavy into a indestructible Gatling Gun tower of rape for most of the game.

I'm surprised the spy didn't get anything though, since he's considered to be taboo in MVM as well (even though, again, he's excellent when played right, slaying the REAL threats in the hoard, such as giants, buff bannered soldiers, engineers or even just a crowd of explosive spamming soldiers or demomen, while the rest of the team takes out the trash). And since when did the soldier need a buff? I guess it's designed to make the Direct Hit more fun and to cut down on Beggars Bazooka spammers.


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