Saints Row 4's Christmas-Themed DLC is Coming in December

Saints Row 4's Christmas-Themed DLC is Coming in December

Saints Row Christmas DLC - Main

Deep Silver's latest Saints Row 4 DLC will leave you brimming with holiday cheer.

Apparently, the folks at Deep Silver are feeling particularly festive right now, because they're really lathering on the holiday cheer. Today, the publisher announced that Saints Row IV will receive a holiday-themed content pack, which will hit the market on December 11th. That should give you plenty of time to update your Christmas list.

The DLC, which is called "How the Saints Save Christmas," follows the Third Street Saints as they attempt to educate their curmudgeonly boss about the true meaning of Christmas. Here's how Deep Silver describes the title:

"Santa is trapped inside the simulation, but the Scrooge-like boss of the Third Street Saints can't muster enough festive spirit to save him. Can the Saints help the boss discover the true meaning of the season in time? A holiday classic for the whole family."

If you've purchased the Saints Row IV Season Pass, "How the Saints Save Christmas" is a freebee. If not, though, the DLC will drain $6.99 from your bank account.

Deep Silver is also giving players the chance to sing their way to a Saints Row prize pack. To participate, simply record a video of yourself while singing a Saints Row-Themed edition of Jingle Bells (all of the lyrics are available on the contest's website). After you've submitted the video, Deep Silver will select several winners.

This might be your only chance to win a prize by singing a song about Santa's kidnapping. So, don't waste it.

Source: Press Release


A Saint's Row Christmas?

A lot of people dislike how whacky the Saints Row series has gotten since 2, but I have to admit, they really know how to play it to their strengths! XD

Guess what I'll be playing on 11th of December then :D I can't wait for this DLC!

The last DLC was (although short) Epic, so this could make my christmas!

*sigh* My friends and I always wanted an excuse to do some chorus style stuff, but now that such a perfect occasion has arrived, those who would have sang with me live on opposite ends of the country (and I in the middle).

Such a sad state of affairs.

Welp, I'm gonna forward it to at least one of them anyway, since he is more likely to be able to get a group together than I or any others in the shattered remnants of my social group. Hope he can take this and run with it, it'd be great to see something good happen to the guy.

Jesus Christ, how much DLC does SR4 have? Does the season pass cost as much as the game did?

Jesus Christ, how much DLC does SR4 have? Does the season pass cost as much as the game did?

Oddly enough no it doesn't, its only 10 dollars but you only get a weapon, Enter the Dominatrix and apparently this DLC.

All the cosmetic packs (at the time of typing 11) are not included in the deal.

"How the Saints Save Christmas"

Done. Sold. Shut up and take my money. I don't even care what's in it. ...though I would be disappointed if I didn't get to see "Unlocked Super-Homie: Santa Claus" at some point.

I'm down! When was the last time there was an anything saves x-mas game? Outside of MMORPG events, I guess.

I wonder if the city'll change at all? Snow? I kinda doubt it.

Man, I've been excited for this ever since the title of the DLC was first leaked. And now with two images for it referencing those old stop motion Christmas specials, I'm more excited than ever.

It should be interesting to go through with my boyfriend, seeing that as a Jew[1], he never really exactly spent time watching Christmas specials (he says he's seen one or two once or twice, but it's simply not the same as growing up with them and watching them every year), so his enjoyment and understanding of it will probably vastly differ from mine.

[1] Please know that I mean nothing antisemitic about this, it's just that he was raised Jewish, and as such never exactly dabbled in Christmas related things.

Jesus Christ, how much DLC does SR4 have? Does the season pass cost as much as the game did?

Nowhere near as much as The Third did at this point, I'm pretty sure.

Also, since they announced the season pass with only two expansions, I'm guessing this is the end of the story content. Maybe they learned to stop cutting up DLC. But then, given a good chunk of this game originally was DLC....


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