Killzone Developer Tweaks Shadow Fall Based on Player Feedback

Killzone Developer Tweaks Shadow Fall Based on Player Feedback

Killzone Shadow Fall - Main

Killzone Shadow Fall's 1.05 patch introduces several upgrades that are based directly on player feedback.

Guerrilla Games, the developer behind the Killzone franchise, has published an update for its latest title, Killzone Shadow Fall. The 1.05 patch fixes several minor problems with the game's UI, adds left-handed controller support, and addresses a number of integrity issues. However, based on player feedback, Guerrilla has also tweaked the game's single player campaign.

None of the campaign's storyline elements have been edited, but the final sequence in chapter seven, "Secure the Target," has been pared down. Also, the collision ceiling in chapter eight, "Outcast," has been raised. This will allow players to fly over some formerly impassible buildings, which should reduce deaths.

The fact that Guerrilla Games is actively redeveloping portions of Killzone Shadow Fall based on player feedback is impressive. These days, many (if not most) triple-A developers spend the majority of their time working on DLC and fixing bugs, but Guerrilla is genuinely attempting to satisfy gamer needs.

"Thank you for providing us with your feedback," a Guerrilla representative said in a post on the Killzone community forums, "and please continue to make your ideas for Killzone Shadow Fall heard on our Player Voice website. Your input helps shape the game."

Source: Killzone Forums


I'm actually happily impressed with you Guerrilla. You've actually doing stuff for the players from day one instead of trying to fleece them like other dev teams.

One more reason I love GG and the Killzone series. This, combined with the fact that future map packs will be free for all and thus not dividing the community, could easily make it a favourite game of mine, at least on the PS4(even if it's early to call that).

Hm. Never played a Killzone game before, but I have to say I do like this attitude. Maybe when I finally get around to getting a PS4, I'll pick up a copy to support them. After a price drop that is.

Nice work, you making me want my ps4 now rather that next year when a) I have the money and b) it has more games I want :P


Holy. God. Guerrilla, where are your offices? I want to find you and hug you! As a thoroughly left-handed person, that's excellent news! You know what? This inclination to actually interact with your player base has me wanting you to make all my 'dudebro' shooters. You think you could make than happen? Just head on down to Treyarch and Infinity Ward and stage a coup? That would be pretty cool.

Wouldn't this actually be a rather forward-thinking "next-gen" feature? The step of finally embracing mass media as a communication channel with your clients rather than only use it for advertisement. Thus AAA games being more active at updating and tweaking their games, rather than being focused on milking customers. That way, content would actually gain value and being online would be advantageous to the users. Not to mention that it would be an effective way to fend off piracy too.

I've always respected Guerrilla Games attitude towards their customers. They were never touting their games as Halo Killers or COD Killers, even if that is unfortunately what Sony labeled them with. They just want to make good games that people will enjoy. And sure, not everyone enjoys them, but at least they're trying and they're passionate. This is positive reinforcement and that's always a good thing.


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