ShinyLoot's Cyber Weekend Sale Brings 100 Games to $1

ShinyLoot's Cyber Weekend Sale Brings 100 Games to $1

ShinyLoot indie distributor mural

ShinyLoot is working with a legion of indie developers to discount a hundred indie games by as much as 95%.

Still got a buck or two left after Black Friday shopping? Everybody's got their eye on Steam and GOG's special sales this weekend, but don't forget about digital distribution newcomer ShinyLoot. The indie-focused game store is adding to the savings by marking down a hundred of its games to one dollar a pop.

The sale runs from Black Friday through the weekend, ending on Cyber Monday (December 2) at midnight, CST. The discounts range from 50% off to 95% off, but the end price for each sale is the same: $1. Games on sale include turn-based tactical RPG Call of Cthulhu: The Wasted Land, city-building hack-n-slash Hinterland, and engineering sim Bridge Construction Set. Many of the games are more obscure than what you'd find on Steam, but at that price point, now would be as good a time to experiment as any.

ShinyLoot is dedicated to increasing visibility among lesser-known indie games, and games from small publishers. "Most online stores can only promote indie games through featured sales," says ShinyLoot co-founder Chris Palamrozzi. "It's a crowded marketplace but, through superior service, refined search tools and a diverse selection, we know we can build a strong presence in the gaming community to the benefit of developers and gamers alike."

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That's cool and all but I have to be honest, none of those games looks very good or that interesting at all. Even the stuff that I usually like such as the RPGs

I saw a couple that were worth a buck to me-Bridge Construction Set and On a Roll-but I like those types of games. If I get an hour out of them, that's not bad for a buck at all.

wooo! Okyntt. I've been wanting to pick that up for ages. I missed it in by 1 day in the IndieRoyale sale, then I missed it by about 2 hours in the Groupees sale. Now it will be mine! Such a great looking game with some very nice reviews in regards to it's atmosphere and world.

Thanks Cognimancer, for some reason I always seem to forget about ShinyLoot.

I found Raptor: Call of the Shadows there, something I have not played since the DOS/Win95/98 days that I loved.

I've played and enjoyed Caster, a 3D low-resolution platformer/shooter. It's short and somewhat clunky, but it's definitely worth $1.

Children of the Nile certainly brings back memories despite how broken it was.

A couple of these actually interested me before the sale, but I never got. I picked a few of them up. Backlog continues growing.

it's hard separating the shovelware from the actual games, but i guess this is what bargain bin diving is all about...

The Cat Lady is actually pretty awesome IMO.

This is well worth looking into, played it as Aqua on XBLA

That's cool and all but I have to be honest, none of those games looks very good or that interesting at all. Even the stuff that I usually like such as the RPGs

If you're open to adventure games, I've heard Oknytt is pretty great. And The Cat Lady looks pretty slick, and the demo is scary as crap. At least it was for me.

For two bucks, those games are a steal.

In other news, Fez is on sale at Steam today for $2.49. Wheeee! :-D


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