Image Comics Full Digital Catalog 50% Off

Image Comics Full Digital Catalog 50% Off

DRM-free digital editions of The Walking Dead, Saga, Sex Criminals, Pretty Deadly, and more are marked down on until midnight, Monday December 2.

Image Comics is offering its digital issues at half price for Black Friday. The sale, which began today, will end at midnight on December 2. The sale applies to digital purchases from Image Comics' official website. Comics are available in several DRM-free formats, including PDF, ePub, and Comic Book Archive (CBR and CBZ). Image provides application recommendations for PC, Mac, Android, and iOS for each file type. Comixology, the cloud-based digital comics platform, is also offering discounts of up to 60% on Image collections as part of its Black Friday sales, also ending December 2.

The Image Comics catalog is packed with award-winning series. The Walking Dead series from Robert Kirkman is the basis for the television show and TellTale's The Walking Dead game series. Saga, the space-opera-slash-fantasy-epic from artist Fiona Staples and writer Brian K. Vaughan, recently made the prestigious selection list for the Angoulême International Comics Festival. The critically acclaimed series won three Eisner Awards in 2013. Sex Criminals, a new series about a duo who have the uncanny ability to suspend time upon reaching orgasm and use that power to commit crimes, is penned by Matt Fraction, who also recently made the Angoulême selection list with his work on Marvel's Hawkeye series. The macabre Old West series Pretty Deadly, from Captain Marvel writer Kelly Sue DeConnick, is another recent addition for Image.

Seven of Marvel Comics' best-selling artists founded Image Comics in 1992. Image publishes comics and graphic novels in a variety of genres. Todd McFarlane Productions (Spawn, Sam & Twitch) and Top Cow (Witchblade, Rising Stars) are partner studios with Image.

Digital comics never crinkle, bend, or suffer water damage. At least, that's what I'll be telling myself to justify adding to my digital bookshelf this weekend.

Source: Image Comics


If The Maxx is a part of this sale I implore everyone to buy it. It's easily one of the best things Image ever published and didn't get anywhere near enough attention during it's run.

Well, judging by the picture, it has froggy tits. Really, what more do you need than that?

I tried reading Witchblade for a while, but I always felt like I was getting half a story, due to it's pretty constant crossovers with The Darkness. I like that stuff, but not when it gets in the way of the narrative. It didn't help that things got pretty convoluted before too long either.


Saga has a cat that can tell when people are lying called Lying Cat

Saga has a ghost that is half a ghost

Saga has a tree that is a spaceship tree

I love Saga so goddamn much

Everyone should buy Saga. Everyone, even if you already own it. Buy it again. Also get the Manhattan projects, Sex Criminals, Lazarus, East of West, Bedlam, Black Science and be a better person for owning these things.


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