Contra III: The Alien Wars Shows Up on the Wii U eShop

Contra III: The Alien Wars Shows Up on the Wii U eShop

Contra 3 Box Art

One of Super Nintendo's most celebrated titles, Contra III: The Alien Wars, is now available for the Wii U's virtual console.

It might not be the system seller that Nintendo is looking for, but Contra III: The Alien Wars has just crash landed on the Wii U eShop.

Those of you who remember the 1990s are undoubtedly familiar with The Alien Wars. It was one of the most highly regarded games on the Super Nintendo, and its name is still spoken with reverence among pot-bellied gaming classicists.

Since its release in 1992, Contra III has made its way to the Game Boy Advance and the Wii Virtual Console. So, its appearance on the Wii U's eShop isn't entirely surprising. Plus, the holidays are here and Nintendo needs money.

If you're interested in purchasing your very own copy of The Alien Wars, you'll need to fork over $7.99. However, if you already own a copy of the Wii edition, you'll only have to pay $1.50 for the upgrade.

It's been two years since Konami has released a Contra sequel (and that one didn't even have the word Contra in the title), but the developer recently filed a trademark application for Contra Run and Gun. So, keep your fingers crossed.

Actually, just use your fingers to play Contra III: The Alien Wars. You'll be happier.

Source: Game Informer


Ahhhhh, Contra 3. That game was fucking AWESOME! I liked it even more than Super C, mainly because the Flame weapon wasn't total garbage. Of course, Spread was still the best, but they made the Flame weapon an actual flame-thrower. If you had it and Laser on the top-down view levels, you were set!

Ah...good (and frustrating) memories playing Contra 3, indeed my favorite game in the series. I felt it hit the right balance of difficuly of all the other Contra games I've played. If I had a WiiU or 3DS right now, I'd pick this shit up in an instant. Contra 3 and Metal Slug 2 are like my favorite side scrolling shooters ever.

Damn, what I'd give for a Contra anthology...

I remember this as Super Probotector - we got (to me awesome) anime mechs instead of soldier dudes here in the UK. I hope theres an option for the probotector sprite for the main characters

they talked about this game a lot? i largely remembered it for not ever managing to beat the last boss on hard mode, cause the game just punches it up to 11 and turns it into swiss army brain death wheel

Great game with an actual pretty good set off difficulty modes. The easier ones were fun and actually were fairly easy. The harder ones were much tougher but actually still largely felt fair. In short, a great Contra game for pretty much any player.


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