GTA Online Content Creator Video Leaks

GTA Online Content Creator Video Leaks

Get a sneak peek at what you can make for the world of GTA Online.

Grand Theft Auto Online is going to get a level editor someday, but a leaked video showing the unreleased content creator is giving players an idea of what they'll actually be able to do with the game's content creation tools.

YouTuber Funmw2, the same person who found information about GTA Online's DLC plans from code in the game's the recently released "Beach Bum Pack", claims to have found the feature hidden in the main game's code.

The video shows how users can add features like spawn points, check points and weapons, as well as setting for several game modes including deathmatch and racing. According to the poster, the tools shown on the video may not be final version and may be missing features or content.

The GTA Online reveal trailer announced that the content creation tools were on the way but Rockstar has not set a release date.

Source: MP1st via Joystiq


What I want to know is if I can make survival missions and missions in general since for survival I only need to set enemy spawn points and for the missions they are rather basic with things like "Kill this guy" or "Take this item to X location".

he's an ingenious hacker but couldn't figure out a better way to record this than filming his TV with a camcorder lol

Finally!!, Now, i will make decent balanced maps for the game with combat flow and choke points :).... Also there was something about radar toggle... MAYBE NOW I CAN SET THE RADAR TO ALWAYS DISPLAY THE ENEMIES!!! That would fix FFA.


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