Telltale Game of Thrones Deal is "Multi-Title"

Telltale Game of Thrones Deal is "Multi-Title"

Telltale Game of Thrones reveal

A press release has described Telltale's partnership with HBO as being "multi-year" and "multi-title."

Telltale excited more than a few gamers over the weekend when it announced that it had signed an agreement to make a new episodic adventure series based on HBO's Game of Thrones television show. That being the case, if a new press release is to be believed, fans of the franchise may, in fact, have year's worth of content to look forward to.

According to said announcement, the deal between Telltale and HBO Global Licensing isn't just for one game, it's a "multi-year, multi-title partnership." This, of course, means that gamers eager to get their hands on the Game of Thrones game scheduled for 2014 may, in fact, find themselves with even more content to look forward to well beyond that calendar year.

The question that emerges from this for us, is how in the heck Telltale is going to find time to put out all of the games it currently has lined up. You would think that its ongoing work on titles like The Walking Dead: Season 2 and The Wolf Among Us would be already be enough. That the studio plans to tackle those properties, Game of Thrones and the Tales From the Bordelands game it also recently announced strikes us as more than a bit ambitious. We imagine there will be some new hiring or something to help bolster its development capacity but, even so, we'll be interested to see how this all turns out and how long it takes for us to actually see these games finished.

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I think they'll expand to stem the load. After all, they have been highly successful so far with their recent approach to episodic gaming. And looking at the Walking Dead it doesn't look like there is a mammoth studio with lots of devs behind it.

Developing multiple smaller titles that share an engine seems like a pretty good move. Better than developing a single Juggernaut only to watch it fail, resulting in all the money that was placed on that single bet being lost.

Still no word on The Wolf Among Us Episode 2, is there? I know I shouldn't be impatient but I really want to figure out what happened.

Still no word on The Wolf Among Us Episode 2, is there? I know I shouldn't be impatient but I really want to figure out what happened.

They said 'next update' will be after the holidays. The consensus is that since the new Walking Dead is out this month, WAU ep 2 will be out early January.

Just checked for jobs, they have an opening in my field but I'd have to move to the other side of the world. Maybe they'll open a European office?

This makes me a little nervous. Even if they expand to meet demand, it will be difficult to maintain the same level of quality they currently have. In any case I'm excited about their new work, so hopefully it will work out.

If you can't wait for Telltale's Game of Thrones, which I'm pretty excited about, you can play Cyanide's Game of Thrones RPG now. You can easily get it for less than $10. It looks pretty terrible, the combat is a bit weird (paused real-time with an emphasis on matching status effects to special attacks), the voice acting is sometimes awful, and it has weird difficulty spikes. However, the story is really good. I'd consider it one of the best games I played this year, but I've played a lot of really great games this year.

There's also that RTS Game of Thrones, which is apparently terrible.

I think it's great that Telltale's doing so well lately. I've played their games from the beginning. I was excited a few weeks ago to finally see an ad for their Walking Dead series actually advertised during The Walking Dead. Previously, the would only advertise that awful FPS and I'd scream at the TV about how there's an amazing adventure game that fans should be playing.


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