GTA Online Glitch Opens Up Area of First Mission

GTA Online Glitch Opens Up Area of First Mission

Return to North Yankton in a Grand Theft Auto Online glitch.

A glitch in Grand Theft Auto Online makes the snowy North Yankton available, as documented by CVG. Exploiting the glitch allows players to explore North Yankton without the police following them.

North Yankton is the first area where the first mission of Grand Theft Auto V that take place nine years before the game's main events.

The CVG video explains how to glitch into North Yankton in GTA Online. It's a bit convoluted, but here's a summary: First, you need to replay the prologue mission. Once you reach a specific point on the map, a friend needs to invite you into a closed session of GTA Online. Once you've joined that session, you need to use a helicopter to head to the bottom right area of the map where you should see some snowy mountains floating in the air - obviously something that isn't supposed to happen. Continue flying toward the mountains, and you'll find yourself over North Yankton. While in North Yankton, you can get others into the area by repeating the steps. You can find all of the locations from the two missions of GTA V taking place in North Yankton.

The area's presence in GTA Online suggests North Yankton may officially be added in an update one day. It's also possible Rockstar will fix the glitch before then, so check it out while you can.

Source: CVG


I am suddenly nostalgic for the ghost town in GTA III. <3

Part of me hopes they don't patch that out. Secret areas like this are cool, and to be honest I feel games are all the lesser when they try and keep you boxed in. Having some variety like this is always nice.

The only thing wrong with that video is that he didn't immediately shoot his mechanic the second the mechanic got out of the car. Seriously, FUCK the mechanic, that guy has run me over, stolen my cars, refuses to deliver them for absolutely no reason. Every time I call him up, he's getting a shotgun to the chest. And I get 20-25 dollars out of the deal, too. :P

I am suddenly nostalgic for the ghost town in GTA III. <3

haha i remember that, well sort of i "saw" pictures of it but for the darn life of me i have NEVER been able to get that dodo into the air.

so the mission is there loaded then you got thrown into multiplayer and it forgets to unload it? that sounds like an easy mess up there. will probably be patched soon.


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