NBA 2K14 Is The Sports Gaming Hit of Next-Gen Consoles

NBA 2K14 Is The Sports Gaming Hit of Next-Gen Consoles

NBA 2K14 Cover

NBA 2K14, according to NPD data, is the first time an NBA title has topped the charts at the start of a generation.

Sports games don't always get the same attention as FPS or RPG titles in Game of the Year season, but they remain incredibly popular nonetheless. For proof, look no farther than NBA 2K14. According to NPD data, the game is doing exceedingly well across platforms, even sitting at #4 for overall PS4 and Xbox One sales. Not only does this make NBA 2K14 the best-selling sports game of each new console, it's also the first time an NBA game topped the charts for a new generation.

Core gamers often dismiss sports games as $60 roster updates, but even within a sports framework, NBA 2K14 tried to stand out. The game uses audio recordings and head-scanning technology to take advantage of the new generation with a more authentic experience. There's even welcome gameplay variations like "My Career" mode, where customized athletes participate in interviews and carry out conversations with in-game NPCs. Combined with nice touches like the game's response to player cussing, there's enough to help the game stand out from others in the genre. Whether other sports series follow suit will remain to be seen.


I wanted to get this game on PC, but the PC version is based on the 360/PS3 version, not the PS4/Xb1 version. One of the quickest ways to annoy customers is to build a new version from the ground up, and give PC a roster-update instead of the new version.

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That might be due to the fact that THERE'S NOTHING ELSE TO PLAY!

This only applies to the USA as NPD only tracks the USA in Europe it's FIFA (it's always FIFA).

Adam Jensen:
That might be due to the fact that THERE'S NOTHING ELSE TO PLAY!

Well it's a good day to be EA I guess. They've been betting heavily on the Ignite engine, and even if it is simply because there's not much else out right now, I don't think they'd ever acknowledge that.

We'll all be able to laugh at them when people stop buying it in March, the month of Thief (2/25, but close enough), Titanfall, and Infamous: Second Son.

I mean how could it not, this is NBA 2k14 people... it's a game from the future! Now if that isn't next gen I don't even know what is.

Sadly it is very possible people actually bought it on that reasoning.


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