Killzone: Shadow Fall Free Multiplayer Weekend Starts Next Week

Killzone: Shadow Fall Free Multiplayer Weekend Starts Next Week

Killzone: Shadow Fall free MP

Guerilla Games will let you try Killzone: Shadow Fall's multiplayer for free as long as you're a PS+ member.

Are you still on the fence when it comes to Guerilla Games' Killzone: Shadow Fall? If so, the studio is offering an "Open" weekend where players can download and try out the multiplayer portion for free -- provided you're a member of PlayStation Plus. While the free multiplayer weekend itself will start on December 28 and run until December 31, PS+ members can pre-load the multiplayer starting today. So, that way, you can start playing the moment the floodgates open next weekend.

Now, say you like what you've played so far, Sony is also letting you carryover your multiplayer progress from the free trial over to the final game.

For those curious, you can read up on our Killzone: Shadow Fall review where we call it, "a fine shooter with a fun story, and a multiplayer mode that fans can sink hours and hours into."

Source: SEN and U.S. PlayStation Blog



Is this meant to be like "if you haven't bought the game you can try the multi-player" thing? Then why does it say "...over to the final game"?

More on topic. I don't know why they are so quick to tout this, killzone shadow fall multi-player isn't anything spectacular ... it is the very definition of average.

A great thing about the MP is the next map selection screen. At the end of the match the three top ranked (can't almost never see 3rd places name though) from the winning team have the top ranked from the losing team captive and kneeling in front of them.

The top ranked person from the winning team has 3 options to humiliate the top ranked of the losing team, it ranges from neck snaps to pinning there hand in the floor to crotch kick. After the winner picks a method of humiliation, he waits for a QTE (I know) but he gets it wrong the winner of the losing team gets revenge!


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