Battlefield 4 "Second Assault" DLC Assignments and Rewards Revealed

Battlefield 4 "Second Assault" DLC Assignments and Rewards Revealed


Here's how you can earn the new guns and other rewards for Battlefield 4's Second Assault DLC.

It's expected by now that every multiplayer expansion from DICE for its Battlefield franchise will bring with it a host of new Assignments and Rewards, and Battlefield 4 is no different. Shown below are the guns, camos and dog tags you can unlock and what criteria needs to be met for Battlefield 4's "Second Assault" expansion. Most notable of the lot are the new guns which include the F2000, AS VAL, DAO-12 and M60-E4.

Just in case some of the map names sound familiar in the DLC, it's because Second Assault, which is BF4's second expansion, consists of four fan-favorite Battlefield 3 maps that are re-imagined using Frostbite 3, with added Levolution elements in each one.

Unfortunately, with EA's announcement that all BF4 future DLC projects are on hold until the game's technical issues are ironed out, that leaves us with no solid release date for Second Assault -- except for Xbox One owners who've been playing the expansion since the shooter's launch, due to EA and Microsoft's timed exclusivity agreement for this particular DLC.

We'll keep you updated once EA or DICE announces the release date. In the meantime, are you excited to grind your way in Operation Metro once again?

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In 2012 it was Mass Effect 3, In 2013 it was Simcity and now it seems that Battlefield 4 will earn EA the "honor" of being the Worst Company In America, again.

If these were fan favourites from BF3, why did they take them out of the next game in the franchise and re-add them as DLC? Couldn't you get all those weapons in standard BF3? I think you could get the F2000. The AS VAL was unlocked pretty late, along with the DA0-12...not sure about the M60-E4. I kind of liked Grand Bazaar over Operation Metro, because...well, Metro was a shit-storm, where most people just went for revive and resupply ribbons and cheap points. It was possibly the map that saw the least use of intelligent tactics.

Ugh bringing back Metro... Operation Locker is already a replacement for that giant fuckfest, why bring another back?

not sure about the M60-E4.

M60 was in Armoured Kill, it brought all the suppresion, ALL OF IT.

All I really want is my AN94 back, I made 1800 kills (correction, 2107 kills) with it in 3, it was wonderful.

As an aside, I wonder how much of this 'no DLC until we fix it' is a backhanded way of extending Microsoft's exclusive time without openly stating it, they have the expansion sat right there but haven't released it yet, which is mildly suspicious to me.

I'd love to meet whoever decided to put Metro in instead of Bazaar, or Kharg, Markhaz, Death Valley, Noshar, anyone of the dozen or so maps that weren't one note grind fests, we already have one Operation Statspad.

Ugh bringing back Metro... Operation Locker is already a replacement for that giant fuckfest, why bring another back?

Its a little different from BF3, more routes but it'll still be a fuckfest on 64 man.

I would have preferred they just re-add the 'Back to Karkand' DLC from BF3, or a larger collection of BF2 / BF2142 maps.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't this game come out relatively recently? With quite a few issues?

It seems....gluttonous to release two DLC packs already.

I could be wrong though.


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