Modder Splices Resident Evil Mercenaries Mode Into DOOM

Modder Splices Resident Evil Mercenaries Mode Into DOOM

I don't remember the original DOOM including several playable Resident Evil characters with unique melee takedowns, but I can't say I mind.

Resident Evil stopped being a survival-horror series quite a while ago. Look no further than Resident Evil 4's Mercenaries mode for proof that, despite its origins, the series makes for a pretty solid arcade-style action game. Well, one modder decided that if Resident Evil is going for fast-paced shoot-em-up gameplay, it might as well go all the way back to the beginning: DOOM. A modder by the name of DooMero is working on a project to combine the Resident Evil Mercenaries gameplay with the environments of the original DOOM, and it works surprisingly well.

The mod includes all five characters from Resident Evil 4's Mercenaries mode: Leon, Hunk, Krauser, Ada, and Wesker, each with their expected weapon loadouts and special takedowns. The mod uses Resident Evil's gameplay, pulling the camera back to a third-person perspective with over-the-shoulder aiming, and somehow manages to drop it into DOOM's levels without looking out of place. You'll rack up points by shotgunning demons, just like the old days, but the fresh mechanics give you a whole new perspective on the classic DOOM experience.

DooMero lists the mod as 85% complete, but the gameplay itself is mostly finished. If you're interested, you can grab the mod for yourself right here from Mediafire. It isn't standalone, though: you'll need a copy of DOOM as well as its multiplayer mods, either Skulltag or Zandronum, for the mod to run properly.

Source: Mediafire, via Destructoid


Things like this, these are the reasons I have never completely stopped playing Doom. Even after twenty years there's always some new mod that changes the game in a new and fun way such as this.

This makes me wish I still had all the PC Gamer CDs from back in the day when they contained random DOOM modded .wads to play with. I have vague memories of having a grand old time with Aliens-DOOM mod but haven't been able to find the same mod since.

This only serves to make RE4:Mercs look even less appealing than it already is. Still, amusing mod :)

This only serves to make RE4:Mercs look even less appealing than it already is. Still, amusing mod :)

I actually loved RE 4's merc mode XD getting 5 stars on all four maps with all 5 chars was a challenging and awesome reward XD

Sigh.... I actually think this highlights one thing I don't like about modern trends in shooters: All the screen space lost just so we can see the player avatar doing its moves.

Nice mod though.

That looks cool. Too bad Capcom is gonna peruse this and try to monetize it for themselves.

DOOM: It only does everything

lol, i sure have the original. just the multilayer stuff worries me actually. cant remember having any of these things installed since i never bothered to play MP in doom.
anyway, found it pretty amusing to hear the PN03 music at the beginning.

i think it doesnt work for the DOOM collectors edition. i did add these files in to it and when the win pops up after clicking on the exe file of doom, i was abel to select these audio files but thats it. only now the game looks like a color mess. everywhere is purple, green, blue and black. not nice to look at.


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