American McGee's Grimm Now Out On Steam

American McGee's Grimm Now Out On Steam

Grimm's humble goal is to run amok through the land of fairy tales.

American McGee's fun fairy tale indie game Grimm, last seen going through Steam's Greenlight process, has come out the other end. Those of you who can think of nothing better than to turn those saccharine tales about princesses and orphans getting rewarded for smiling and looking pretty into something more grotesque, can buy the Grimm complete pack for $9.99. If you were to buy by the episode at $0.99 per, that would cost you over $25, so it's a pretty decent bargain.

Each of the 23 half-hour episodes puts you in a different tale, the idea being to transform it from its current goody-two-shoes state to something meaner. Enemy NPCs will try to stop you, but you can convert them to your team if you move quickly enough. Try to get it done within the time limit! You can play the episodes in whichever order you like, perhaps dipping into the Christmas Carol and then helping a young hero learn the true meaning of Fear, before making life difficult for Snow White.

The Steam site's over here, and Grimm's main site is over here.

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I wonder if we'll hear an update on McGee's "Oz" anytime soon. The Kickstarter was problematic, but the concept looked remarkably cool.

You're not thinking of OZombie, are you? That was cancelled a while back.


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