Humble Indie Bundle X Drops Six Indie Hits, Promises More To Come

Humble Indie Bundle X Drops Six Indie Hits, Promises More To Come

The Humble Indie Bundle X features Papo & Yo, To the Moon, Runner2, soundtracks and even more games that will be unlocked soon.

It's time for another Humble Indie Bundle! And you know it has to be good, because it's X! Although in this case I think the "X" actually means ten, rather than Xtreme, but even so, it's a pretty solid collection of indie gaming. For whatever price you care to pay, you get To the Moon, Joe Danger 2: The Movie, Papo & Yo and Runner2, the sequel to the hit Bit.Trip Runner.

Fork over more than the average (you knew this was coming), currently sitting around seven bucks, and you'll also get Reus and Surgeon Simulator 2013, which actually owns a not-terrible Metacritic rating of 71. You also get soundtracks all around and the promise of even more games when they unlock. Money, as always, can be divvied up between the developers, the Humble Bundlers and two fine charities, Child's Play and the EFF.

Do I need to say more? Any one of these games is worth the price of admission (my personal picks are To the Moon and Papo & Yo) so all of them for under a tenner is quite the solid deal for indie game fans. And you are an indie game fan, aren't you? The Humble Indie Bundle X is live now and runs for two weeks, which gives you until January 21 to get the job done.

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To the Moon is one of my favourite games ever. I'm currently in the process of nagging everyone on my Steam list to get this :)

Can I just take a moment to recognise how nice the creator of To The Moon is? A couple of days ago he warned everyone on twitter/facebook that due to 'reasons' it was a bad time to be buying the game and that if they had friends who wanted to buy it they might want to wait one or two days.

He was actually trying to stop people from buying his game for full price just so they could get if for cheaper. That's pretty cool

Having just seen the preview for To The Moon...damn, that looks like it could be really good. That music was phenomenal.

Aaaah, i need to get a card very soon! This looks too awesome to let it pass.

First 1,000 buyers got Starbound, which may have been slightly unfair (to people who were at work; it went extremely fast), but I'm willing to bet it'll be back eventually as one of the "beat the average" bonuses.

Regardless of that, I'd say the bundle is worth more than the average, just for To The Moon alone. It's such a nice game. And you don't even have to pay more than the average to get it.


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