The Witcher Adventure Game Brings Monster Slaying To Your Tabletop

The Witcher Adventure Game Brings Monster Slaying To Your Tabletop

The Witcher Adventure Game brings Geralt and his stalwart companions to the world of tabletop and tablet gaming.

Here's a Witcher announcement you probably weren't expecting: The Witcher Adventure Game, a board game starring Geralt of Rivia, Dandelion, Triss Merigold and Yarpen Zigrin, who embark upon quests to slay monsters, earn gold and live the life of hard adventurers in a tough and unforgiving land.

The Witcher Adventure Game will be published by Minnesota-based Fantasy Flight Games, whose previous work includes tabletop games based on Star Wars, Warhammer, A Game of Thrones and many other properties. "Fantasy Flight Games has an outstanding connection with board game fans worldwide and is well known for the highest quality of their titles," CD Projekt Red studio chief Adam Badowski said. "We're really excited that we can join the party and expand The Witcher universe in such great company."

The box cover and promotional images on The Witcher Adventure Game website are clearly modeled after CD Projekt's Witcher videogames, but the description of the game suggests that it will be a stand-alone affair, "based on the rich universe created by internationally renowned novelist Andrzej Sapkowski." Each character will have unique skills and abilities, and will be customizable in a fashion similar to that of The Witcher CRPGs through the use of "development cards." But while the foursome travels in a group and works as a team, there will apparently be a competitive element to the action as well: "Players may assist one another from time to time," the website states, "but make no mistake - there can be only one winner!"

The website also mentions that an iOS and Android tablet edition of the game is "coming soon," although what it will offer over and above (or beside) the tabletop version is a mystery at this point. So, too, is why the adventure features Yarpen instead of Zoltan, although I really don't mind - Zoltan is a cool guy but I love Yarpen's foul-mouthed mania.

The Witcher Adventure Game is currently slated to come out later this year. To find out more or line yourself up for a preorder, pop over to


I thought this was about an actual Tabletop RPG Witcher game. That'd be fun, probably.

Still, this looks alright. Can't really play tabletops at a table because I know hardly any people and the ones I do know probably wouldn't want to but from everything that's been said it seems alright.

I just wish Fantasy Flight would focus on the damn properties that they already have licenses to do stuff with. 1-2 books a year for ANY RPG pretty much is telling your fanbase that the product is dead. I'm not asking for Bi-monthy releases like WotC, but come on, maybe once every 3 months at least?

Oh boy! Do you want to play as the badass monster slayer, the sorceress that is allergic to magic and is always getting caught in sticky situations, the hedonist bard with minimal combat skills, or the dwarf warrior defined in the video as "DORF WARRIOR" number 5,682?

Cue every player scrambling to play Geralt.

I do believe that there are some problems with this set-up.


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