Junk Head 1: Surreal Stop Motion Horror Creator Seeks Funding For Sequel

Junk Head 1: Surreal Stop Motion Horror Creator Seeks Funding For Sequel

If Takahide Hori gets the IndieGoGo cash he seeks, he'll quit the day job and focus on film making full time.

Takahide Hori's Junk Head 1 is something you have to see to believe. In this far-future story, a lone explorer is sent into the bowels of an underground labyrinth, in hope of finding a particular genetic sample. But things soon go wrong, and our hero finds himself trapped in a situation, and a body, not of his choosing. It's crazy, it's hideous, it's beautiful and charming, and it's about half an hour long. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.

Takahide Hori's looking for $100,000 in IndieGoGo cash to make a sequel. Junk Head 1 took him about four years to make, working full time at a white collar day job and tackling his stop motion dream project in his spare moments. He hasn't the stomach for that kind of effort a second time, hence the IndieGoGo; if he makes his target, he'll quit his day job and concentrate full time on film making.

"If people are interested in the sequel and are willing to donate the funds necessary to make it, I'll make it," says Hori. "If I can't collect enough, I intend to quit making movies altogether."

If your first taste intrigues you enough to check out the IndieGoGo, have a look over here. It'll run until the end of February.

Source: io9


I hope he succeeds it was a good short film I would actually quite like to see a game version too but I doubt that's likely.

That was amazing. It was almost worth having the image of alien mouth-defecation burned into my mind.

I would love to see more of this. Hope the funding succeeds.

"hope" does not a successful crowdfunding campaign make. spare a few $$$ for the man. i'm broke as hell, but donated some because it would be a real shame if after all this effort he didn't make the money and never made a film again.
on the flipside, if he makes it we get a whole extra hour of this, and maybe this jumpstarts his career and we get to see a lot more from this talent in the future (:


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