Catlateral Damage: The First Person Feline Game That Wants To Break Your Stuff

Catlateral Damage: The First Person Feline Game That Wants To Break Your Stuff

It's currently in Alpha, and on Steam Greenlight.

Okay, it's just alpha footage, but check out this Catlateral Damage gameplay video and answer this question: what would you do, if you were a cat? Find a sunbeam? Chase that annoying little light dot? Purr and rub yourself on every possible surface? No, you'd destroy everything in your owner's room, which is exactly what Catlateral Damage aims to let you do.

This one's being put together by solo developer and QA tester Chris Chung in his spare time, and is doing pretty well on Steam Greenlight. There's no formal release date for this one yet, but 2014 is the target. If you just can't wait and want to go bonkers, as only a cat can, head over to the website where you can play it now in your browser.

Show your human who's boss! See that fragile collectible? It's dead! Toast! Pining for the fjords! But don't stop there; there's tons more stuff to destroy. Go forth and slay! Then maybe vote for Catlateral Damage on Greenlight, why not?

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They need a free play mode set in a store.

Great, not only are games teaching our kids to steal and murder, now they're teaching our kitties to destroy stuff! When will you be satisfied, you monsters?

Meh. Doesn't tickle my funny bone, and isn't cat like enough. The swats are too forceful, the destruction too focused. Overall just doesn't click with me...

Yea, I'll buy this when it comes out. How could I resist.
It appears to take place in the Katamari world.
That would be an awesome boss battle: swatting around the prince and his Katamari. If it gets too big, you're doomed.

It looks amusing to me. I will vote for it on greenlight though whether or not I buy it would depend on the price. I guess I don't really know how expansive it will be (Bigger stores, longer destruction spree times) so what price that is is TBD for me before I woulnd't get it?

It seems like there should be more of a bonus for knocking down breakables.

Also, the time limit should end with someone saying "Mr. Fluffikens, what are y- OH, MY GOD...!"

Looks like it's too much of a novelty to me.

Interesting concept, but I don't see how this could be turned in to proper game play.


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