Remember Batkid's Big Adventure With This Make-a-Wish Featurette

Remember Batkid's Big Adventure With This Make-a-Wish Featurette

Having a bad day? Batkid can help! He'll get your spirits up in less than ten minutes.

The internet-famous Batkid got the experience of a lifetime two months ago, but it was just for a day. With this video, there's something to remember it by. The Make-a-Wish foundation has put out this short video about Scott's Batkid-for-a-day adventure. The retrospective has some great stuff, including behind-the-scenes footage and an interview with the actor who played Batman.

In case you missed it: The "Batkid" is actually five year-old cancer survivor Miles Scott. When the San Francisco-area chapter of the Make-a-Wish foundation offered Scott the chance to make his dream come true, he said wanted to "be Batkid," whatever that means. When Scott got wish last November, more than 12,000 volunteers helped make the San Francisco into Scott's personal thrill ride: Batkid and Batman drove around San Francisco in the Batmobile, stopped villains surrounded by large crowds of fans, and received the key to the city from mayor Ed Lee for his efforts.

I didn't see the Batkid phenomenon make any "big news of 2013" year-in-review stories, which is a crying shame, since it was definitely one of the nicest things that happened last year.

Source: The Make-a-Wish Foundation


Wow, can't believe that's the first I'd heard of it. (Then again, UK, so I'm a bit further away from it!)

Good to see some happy news for once. Well done, Make-a-Wish Foundation. (And, of course, well done Batkid!)

Michael Epstein:

Why was the thumbnail for this story a screenshot from Dark Souls 2? I came in here expecting it to be related somehow.

Why didn't I hear about this earlier?! This has to be the most adorable thing of 2013, for sure. And when he tries to use bat voice... too sweet to be healthy.

Batkid, the hero San Francisco needed.

i call bullshit. his parents are still alive.

why did he have to be nolan batman and not west batman.

west batman is the better role model.


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