Next Black Lagoon Manga Volume Planned for Spring

Next Black Lagoon Manga Volume Planned for Spring

Black Lagoon

The most recent Black Lagoon manga volume was published in Japan in October 2009.

Black Lagoon author Rei Hiroe announced he has finished a cover for the tenth volume of the manga and is moving toward releasing the volume this spring. Black Lagoon has moved pretty slowly in the past few years. The ninth volume was released in Japan in October 2009 and went on hiatus until the following chapter was released on Jan. 19, 2013. If the tenth volume does release in Japan this spring, over four years will have passed between the publication of the ninth to the tenth volume.

Black Lagoon is a team of mercenaries who smuggle goods around Southeast Asia in the mid-1990s. Rock is a Japanese businessman who is kidnapped by Black Lagoon, but he ends up joining the company where he puts his skills of negotiating to use. He's at odds with the violent methods Revy, the muscle of the group who grew up in New York City. Her enjoyment of killing and skipping of negotiations clashes with Rock. Hiroe has stated he drew inspiration from Quentin Tarantino and Stephen King and piracy cases in the 1990s.

The next volume of Black Lagoon includes "The Wired Red Wild Card" arc. "Greenback" Janet Bhai returns, and People's Liberation Army hacker Li Xinlin is introduced. Viz Media licenses the English-language release of the manga, which is usually released in English long after the Japanese release.

Black Lagoon has an anime adaptation of two 12-episode seasons, as well as five OVA episodes. Geneon Entertainment originally licensed and dubbed the anime into English, and Funimation Entertainment now holds the license.

Source: Rei Hiroe blog (Japanese) via CrunchyRoll


The newest chapters have been kind of boring. I really have no idea where he's been taking the story after to Roberta arc >.>

It's a shame too, because I love Black Lagoon so much! I hope it starts getting good again.

Meh, it's not bad. Remember it's ramp up the hyper violence, not skip directly to it.

I don't usually give a lot of fucks about Manga (no disrespect meant to the medium, it's just not usually my thing), but I have always had a soft spot for Black Lagoon and so for this I shall give a great many fucks. Just hope the English translation doesn't take too long.

where are these new episodes?


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