Sentai Filmworks Licenses Magical Warfare, Digital Outlets to Come

Sentai Filmworks Licenses Magical Warfare, Digital Outlets to Come

Magical Warfare

The magical action series Magical Warfare began airing this month.

Sentai Filmworks took a liking to the anime adaptation of Magical Warfare, which only just began airing on Jan. 9. The publisher has acquired the anime and will release it soon through digital outlets with a DVD release to follow.

Based on a series of light novels, Magical Warfare will be a 12-episode action/romance anime series. Kendo enthusiast Takeshi Nanase is having a rough time as he feels his family and girlfriend are either distant from him or despise him. One day he discovers an unconscious girl named Mui Aiba, a magician who accidentally turns Takeshi into a magician as well. Takeshi learns that the world he knows is actually home to both normal humans and magicians. Two episodes have aired thus far, and they are available through Crunchyroll, simulcast on Thursdays at 3:30 p.m. EST.

Sentai Filmworks has also licensed anime series such as Persona 4, K-ON!, Bodacious Space Pirates, and Devil Survivor 2. Mamoru Miyano, a prolific voice actor who can be heard in Free!, Ouran High School Host Club, Steins;Gate, and many other series, stars as Takeshi Nanase. Nao Toyama, heard inNisekoi, Eureka Seven AO, and Nobunaga The Fool, plays Mui Aiba. Madhouse (Highschool of the Dead) is producing the anime while taking art direction from Jirou Kouno (Phi-Brain).

Magical Warfare plays into several clichés from the beginning with a collapsed otherwordly girl and a regular high school boy. The anime has a solid staff working on it, and Sentai Filmworks saw something in it to pick it up already.

Source: Sentai Filmworks


Poster reminds me of Code Geass in a way...

I just tried to give a watch on Crunchyroll, but the video was stuttering a lot. I'll try again later tonight.

Color me interested, though!

Poster reminds me of Code Geass in a way...

I think it's the way everything is drawn sharply: eyes, hair, and chin are most noticeable.

OT: Anyway, this anime definitely looks great. Still gonna wait for it to fully come out before I watch it on crunchyroll though, and I might even wait for the dub if Sentai has already picked it up.

I see Shana and Evangeline on that poster...I know nothing about this series, but maybe I'll keep an eye on it. I just wish it wasn't only twelve episodes. Everything's always twelve episodes now, and it rarely gives the anime a time to build on its characters and story.


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