Killzone: Shadow Fall Adding Clan System in February

Killzone: Shadow Fall Adding Clan System in February

Killzone Shadow Fall Screen

Guerrilla Games has confirmed that it will be patching in new clan feature to bolster Killzone: Shadow Fall's online multiplayer.

While Killzone: Shadow Fall hasn't been getting perfect reviews, it's nonetheless been one of the best titles from the PlayStation 4's launch library. Among its finer qualities is its multiplayer which, coming from someone who generally doesn't like online multiplayer all that much, is pretty danged addictive. Nonetheless, the game is still currently missing one feature its many fans want: a clan system.

Hearing its players' demands, Guerrilla Games has announced that it will be launching Shadow Fall's clan system in February. According to the developer, clan features will be released "in multiple phases" with the initial features arriving in the planned patch 1.09. "This phase introduces clan system features to both the game and the website" said Guerilla's Victor Zuylen. "The patch will add support for displaying clan tags alongside player names in the game, while the website will receive basic clan management functionality - including the ability to create clans, add/remove members, and promote members to clan officers."

Additional updates to the new clan system will be planned and implemented in the future "based in part on your feedback." Guerrilla hopes that the new clan features will help to "enhance" Shadow Fall's multiplayer alongside additional planned content updates like free maps and DLC expansions.

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Personally, not bothered about clans ... Looking forward to new maps though. I don't even play that much but with only 10 maps, you quickly grow tired of them.

The air turrets could do with a nerf, at the top level they are a pain in the fucking arse! They can last 80 seconds with a 10 second (I think) cool down. They eat bullets and while you can get a rocket launcher to lock on and shoot them down, you only get 3 rockets and it takes 2 (or one and half your ammo) to take down. You can have an entire enemy team using them, so at any one point you can have 4 or 5 of these drones just leathering your team!

I've been in lobbies where I made it my mission to take these things out! Resupply box on the floor, rocket launcher equipped and I set to work, it's a full time job!

While clan support is nice for those of us with friends, it's not where the focus should be.

didn't think the multiplayer was that popular... and if you wanted it to be, wouldn't you have put this in sooner?


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