Deus Ex: The Fall Hacks Its Way Onto Android Devices

Deus Ex: The Fall Hacks Its Way Onto Android Devices

Ben Saxon's got a new platform to play on.

Deus Ex: The Fall, a mobile instalment of the Deus Ex series, has been iOS only up till now, but that's about to change. Ex-SAS turned mercenary Ben Saxon has a new home on Android devices, and if you want a shot at The Fall it'll cost you $6.99 on Google Play.

Life's never easy for mercs, particularly not in this kind of game. You used to have a job with a PMC, but that fell through. Now you've got to get to the bottom of this drugs conspiracy, or you - and potentially the whole augmented world - will suffer, big time. If you've read the franchise tie-in novel Deus Ex: The Icarus Effect, you'll recognize some of the faces, as this game picks up where that story left off.

If you've been wondering what it'd be like to shoot, stealth, hack or talk your way through a globe-spanning conspiracy, now might be the time to find out. At time of writing it's not live yet on Google Play, but it should be very soon.


I never asked for this...

I'd like to know why this couldn't have been on PC as well... But hey it gives me a reason to dust off the Galaxy or the few other tablets currently in "storage."

I feel like is did ask for this?

This might be worth a look hope we see an actual sequel soon though as I love Human Revolution but with the team being dragged off to quite effectively fix the new Final Fantasy online I don't know when they'll get back to this... just hoping for better 'boss fights' that are not out sourced this time even if it was due to FFonline.

Finally. I've been waiting for this to try it out on my Galaxy phone since they announced it, bought a Google Play gift card in preparation. At first Eidos said the Android version was coming out in September...then September went by. Then October. Then November. Now it's January...better late than never, I guess. I just hope that all that extra development time means it's relatively bug-free.

Uh oh. My Android is rooted, will I be able to play?

I hear the developers aren't fans of jailbroken firmware.


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