NES Start Screens Compiled in Epic YouTube Video

NES Start Screens Compiled in Epic YouTube Video

YouTube user NicksplosionFX has created a 3 hour video containing every start screen from the NES game library.

Despite the fact that the NES was my primary gaming machine up until about 1996, I've probably only ever played a small smattering of the system's total library. It's actually amazing how much mileage you can get out of the same games when most of them are really hard and you generally suck at platformers (here's looking at you Ninja Gaiden).

That said, PRESS START, a video recently released by YouTube user NicksplosionFX, has me wanting to check out a few more. The video, which clocks in at nearly three hours long, is a compilation of every single NES start screen ever. While I can't say for sure if Mr. FX actually included all of them, the video is nonetheless an impressive treasure chest of nostalgia that should bring more than a little joy to anyone who grew up with an NES controller in their hands.

Honestly, even if you aren't an NES child you should try to give this video a view just to experience the sometimes bonkers variety the platform boasted. While there a lot of well known games that have been widely remembered through the ages, it also featured some occasionally downright wacky gems. Granted, modern consoles aren't exactly slackers in that department, but there's just something intangibly special about that old era of gaming that makes portholes to the past like this a treat. Watch it as long as you can manage and let us know if NicksplosionFX left anything out. We'll totally give you a cookie.

Source: YouTube


Oh god....the wave of nostalgia that washed over me watching parts of that...

Glad it's in alphabetical order. I could skip to the games I remembered from my childhood.

And now, I have the urge to play Marble Madness, Metroid, and a slew of other games.

Excuse me...

If there is one that will throw you off in the audio and make you think another console's game slipped into the list, it's Lagrange Point (at 1:21:36). I didn't realize VRC7 did FM Synthesis until I heard that...


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