Man Charges Back Into Burning House to Save His Xbox

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Man Charges Back Into Burning House to Save His Xbox

Xbox One console

A man from Kansas finds his house on fire but that doesn't stop him from braving the flames to rescue his Xbox console.

Just how much do you value your games? Well, whatever the answer is, it might not match this man's zeal. An unnamed man from Kansas woke up early Friday morning to find his house engulfed in flames. While he was able to escape the fire, he charged right back in just to save his Xbox. Fortunately, the man did not sustain any major injuries and only suffered smoke inhalation in his quest to rescue his gaming console.

Fire officials blame the fire on an electrical junction box which has caused $80,000 in damages. Before you ask, the report does not state if the Xbox console was an Xbox 360 or an Xbox One, nor does it state if he managed to salvage his games or controllers.

Now, I know a lot of people are hardcore gamers, but let's hope that passion doesn't get in the way of sensibility if this ever happens to you. This begs the question: would you risk your life to run into a burning house to save your gaming console? If so, which gaming device would you do this for?

In other Xbox-related happenings, Microsoft has revealed its holiday quarter financials and Xbox One sales managed to hit an astounding $1.2 billion.

Source: ABC


It seems kind of pointless considering the damage was $80,000. $500 isn't exactly much in comparison.

I guess it'd have his saved games on it, but given the choice between quite possibly dying and having to redo a few hours of a game, you'd think somebody would choose the latter.

In all honesty, I know I'd LIKE to save my gaming PC, that's a lot of money to lose. But if a fire was bad enough that no one in my house could stop it, I have a brother, cat, dog, chinchillas, and gerbils to save before anything else. There's no way I'm risking my life for something that can't feel the fire and can be re-bought later. (assuming I ever could buy another one, depending on the cost of damages.)

If my house was on fire I would get my dog out and probably leave my PC behind. Sad I know and I would grab my bag on the way out so my USB with all my college work on it doesn't die but my PC is tucked into a desk and I would have to pull it out and those bloody VGA wires with the fiddly screws would slow me down too much. I fucking hate those things

...I'd charge in to save my PC, there's at least 2,000 dollars in that...

I may want to grab my PC backup drive so i don't lose things i've been keeping for well over a decade, but i wouldn't be able to play games without my life so that comes first.

I'd do it for my pc. But more fore the data than the hardware.
All that time spent collecting digital content :|

I would probably do that to save my data. My profile and saved games and such. Thats thousands of hours of fun, over a lot of years. It's not that different to a mother charging back in to save her photo albums and baby pics.

for a PC i can kind of understand, if it has lots of work and documents that aren't available elsewhere... but for game saves? fucking idiot, that's why you have contents insurance

"only suffered smoke inhalation "
Actually, almost everyone that dies in housefires or any other fire (which is LOTS of people) die because of the smoke.
Virtually no one burns to death, they are dead long before the fire reaches their body!

So, you can also state that the fool nearly DIED.

The guy's an idiot. I hope his Xbox burned. And I hope that if it did, no store or anything is going to be reimbursing him with one either (the guy who bought a cardboard box and got a free Xbox from CEX was bad enough...). Seriously, what possesses anyone to risk their life for something like that? Complete and utter moron...

Plot twist: he stores his porn collection on that thing and nobody must know.

I'd charge back into a burning house to feed an Xbox to the flames. Hiyoooo~!

Much as I'd be distraught at the notion of losing all the data on my PC that I've been building up for years, there's living creatures that'd have to get priority attention. Plus PC is clunky, heavy and time-consuming to unplug.

You know, it 'could' be the case that this guy saved every single penny he could from the moment the Xbox: One was announced. Maybe he's on minimum wage and has other outgoings leaving him no money at all for leisure or treats and the Xbox was his one big purchase for the next several years.

People like that do exist. In that situation I can understand not wanting to so easily lose it, because it's not even about the console itself, it's about all of that time, saving and anticipating gone in a mindless instant.

I'd go back and grab my backup PC HDD and the 360 HDD.

The data is more important that the hardware, as it is what I have actually invested all my time in. As long as you have that you can just put it on another PC/360 and continue on.

Plus trying to physically carry my PC is difficult enough when the house is not on fire, it's pretty huge.

Oh well, everybody has different priorities in life.

Well what else was he supposed to do? Would YOU want to have to download that day-one patch again?

digital content

Uh-huh...Digital Content...

On topic, there's no way in hell I'd be able to heave my PC out of my desk and down the stairs in a short period of time. I'd probably grab my USB and back up-drives...Luckily contents insurance would have me covered.

I can understand going back for your perishables, drugs or munitions, but an XBOX?

Whatever. It's his life to live as he pleases. At least nobody got hurt.

The guy's an idiot. I hope his Xbox burned. And I hope that if it did, no store or anything is going to be reimbursing him with one either (the guy who bought a cardboard box and got a free Xbox from CEX was bad enough...). Seriously, what possesses anyone to risk their life for something like that? Complete and utter moron...

Ah, a common misconception. The man in question was so stupid that he actually bought a photograph of an Xbone, not even a box. It was also listed as a photograph on the website. He bought it for his under-age son that he had when he was...(DRUM ROLL, PLEASE!)...under-age!

I love my PC, but it would be way too heavy to carry down three flights of stairs and out the door whilst avoiding the flames. Plus, you know, family and pets...

I absolutely would do the same thing. I have thousands and thousands of hours of saved games that I would not let perish. The hardware itself is replaceable, but not my game saves. Score one for the cloud I guess.

Luckily for me, most of my gaming value is tied up in Steam; all my old consoles have broken over the years (Actually, that's not lucky at all), and I haven't bought a physical game for months.

Combining this with the the magic of Dropbox, I really don't have anything physical I need to keep safe, other than keepsakes on my bedside table. I like to call this my "Treat fires like an unfortunate, unavoidable and omnipresent part of daily life" strategy.

I'd probably want to save my pretty personalized and awesome custom built PC. But I wouldn't risk my life for it.

It obviously depends on how bad the fire is but I'd definitely stop and consider going back to get my HDD since I have years of work saved on that things and all my pictures over the last ten years.

...that reminds me I should get around to backing up my backup.

Seriously...the insurance would have covered it.

If I had the time after saving my cats (doubtful, and they I would die for in a second) then sure, why not? I'm not going to take ridiculous risks though. I've got way too many consoles and games to save them all anyway.

Sounds like a contender for a Darwin Award to me.

If it was a person, or a pet, sure, I can understand that. A game console? Really? The guy is a fucking idiot

If my house was on fire, assuming wasn't surrounded by flames, I would try to save SOMETHING by throwing it out the window. Boxes of Warhammer will survive easily. Consoles, well, the memory should be intact even if it smashes from a 2 story drop.

To be fair, in a disaster situation people do the strangest things to cope and don't think straight. After a 6.3 earthquake and arriving home, my mum started cleaning and was attempting to do the washing, but of course there was no water or power. I had to explain that it wasn't safe to be indoors with aftershocks hitting hard and fast, and everything would just fall back on the floor anyway.

I mean, I would attempt to save photos and important things. Probably not my PS3, but definitely my laptop, if anything because it has photos backed up on it.

That's weird. Terry Pratchett always said you're suppose to take the fire out...

*Sigh* An X-Box or ANY machine is not worth charging back in for. Ya wanna save it? Help the firefighters aim their hoses.

I already had this sort of conversation with my parents before. I'm pretty sure in the case of a fire that I'd be doomed. There is little to no way I'd leave the house without rescuing all of the pets. The problem there is that the pets consists of 3 dogs, 1 cat... and 2 chinchillas in large metal cages. The first 2 types of animals, easy enough to save them, but the chinchilla's would be a right pain.

I'm pretty sure I wouldn't rush back into a house to rescue a video game console though. Maybe, if I had enough time to get it out and it was nearby on the way out of the house, but as noted before, I'd be too busy trying to save the pets.

I wouldn't have to charge back in. Having nothing else of real value in the apartment, I would've grabbed my PC (its size be damned) on the way out the first time around.

For a gaming console or personal computer no, not a chance considering the cost of all the other damage. I have insurance for a reason. For the backup external hard drive that contains the actual in office hours paid work to clients, YES! Though within reason and it would more than likely be something I grabbed on the way out the 1st time since it would take me all of 10 seconds extra from leaving.

I'd grab my laptop, failing that, my backup drives. However as others have echoed, insurance covers this stuff.

during my housefire, i left my laptop in the room, -hoping- it would have gotten torched. alas, in the end my room was the only room in the house that escaped all fire and smoke damage, and the laptop was perfectly fine. shoulda stayed in bed. -.-;;

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