Monster Hunter 4G Announced For Nintendo 3DS

Monster Hunter 4G Announced For Nintendo 3DS

Just four months after the release of Monster Hunter 4, Nintendo has announced Monster Hunter 4G.

Nintendo has just announced Monster Hunter 4G, the latest in Capcom's long-running Monster Hunter series, at the Monster Hunter Festa '13 event in Japan. The game will be available on the Nintendo 3DS, and allow users to carry save data over from Monster Hunter 4, which was released in Japan just four months ago. The new game is slated to release in Japan in Fall, 2014.

Nintendo also released the above trailer alongside the announcement, which hints at a brand-new desert area. The game looks like it will play similarly to other entries in the series.

Monster Hunter 4, released in September 2013 in Japan, is still yet to see an English release, and Nintendo did not comment on whether or not we'll see an English release of 4G.

Other details about the new game are scarce at the moment, but we'll update you as soon as they become available.

Source: Capcom


Yay for G...Boo more waiting...>_>

What's G stand for?
Hurry up with the western release so 3 for the Wii U drols a little in price a little

OK... any news at all about actually releasing it over here? Anything at all?

I'm getting kinda bored with waiting at this point.

Mr Ink 5000:
What's G stand for?

No one really knows though, the main consensus is The G stands for either "Great" or "Gold"

This is nothing new from capcom but I feel bad for those who purchased MH4 and now will probably buy it again in the future. Why couldn't they just release this as a dlc insteed of releasing a "new" full price game.

On the other hand, this could be why there was no mh4 west release announcement and now I have hopes to get mh4g/ultimate on the west.

That's cool. Shame about the whole region locking issue or I'd just buy the Japanese version again. Buuuuuut Nintendo seem to be intent on running themselves into the ground, so *shrug*...

If they do release an English one I will be first aboard the pre-order train.

give me a wii u version and all is right with the world

According to Ryozo Tsujimoto(The producer btw), the west won't be getting their copy of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate(It's the same as 4G) until early 2015

The Source?

Capcom!!! Please!

I am a long fan of the series and I really hope they ship this over to the US at some point. Hopefully this one will have online coop for the 3ds version, that was my only complaint with 3.

This is nothing new from capcom but I feel bad for those who purchased MH4 and now will probably buy it again in the future.

Dont feel sorry for us. We all knew it was coming.

Release Monster Hunter 4G in the US instead of MH4.

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate IS coming to the West in early 2015.

MH4U is basically the same as MH4G, which is coming later this year. If you own MH4, you can transfer the save the data from that to MH4G.

Meh, unless I missed it somehow (nope, doesn't seem so, just checked PSN store) I'm waiting for one of these for the Vita. I guess the Vita isn't a very successful system, but it's my personal favorite from a quality/gameplay perspective. I have a 3DS too, and for whatever reason I like using my Vita a lot more... sadly there just isn't a lot for it comparatively.

Yep we're getting it in the west early 2015!
So excited, it's going to be great to actually have a Monster Hunter game without having to buy a console specifically for it.
I looked into the Wii U but there was pretty much just this that I was super down to play and that was't enough to front the cash.
Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate has online play for the 3ds too, unlike the previous instalment for the same system and that's pretty much the best part of a MH game so I was reluctant to buy that ether.
So freaking happy only a year away! :D
One year away. :|
2015... :(
Can't see to hate Capcom since I heard this news though, I think I have Stockholm syndrome.

Recently joined the Monster Hunter fandom via MH3U. I'm looking forward to this game.

By the way they did say its coming out in the west in this video, you are all welcome

Mother of God, why did they have announce it a YEAR in advance? Now I'm going to be craving for it all year long...

would like see 4 out for 3ds in NA but idk anymore capcom be slacking over on this side usually we get it at least a half-a year after release but no news or other randomness. feels like its going to be waiting on pso2 all over again.

It's cheaper to localize one game in the form of the complete version with MH4G rather than do both, so I see the sense in it, I didn't enjoy the water combat in MHTri/MH3U, hopefully they go back to basics a bit more and play to the strengths of the title.

Also hype for online play and none of that local only crap, Monster Hunters biggest strength is co-op play, I was shocked to know that the MH3U didn't have it.

This is excellent news! I have more than enough games in my backlog to tide me over for a year. Besides, I'm only HR7 in MH3U, so I've got a lot of stuff left to do in the current game.

Yeah, to add to the couple people who have already said this, Monster Hunter 4G is getting released worldwide as Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate in 2015.

I'm definitely excited- maybe this will be the one that finally convinces me to really get into Monster Hunter.


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